a song of snow and sea



The Lord is my strength and shield.

I trust Him with all my heart,

He helps me and my heart is filled with joy.

I burst out with songs of thanksgiving.

Psalm 28:7







The children woke this morning to the news of a two hour delay, but none of us would have been surprised or disappointed if there was a full snow day.  It has been snowing nonstop since we got out of bed and nature has added even more fluffy inches to what was already accumulated earlier this week.

“Oh, it doesn’t show signs of stopping”


I opened the door to take a picture of the older children who stood outside for almost 10 minutes waiting for the bus.  I smiled to hear their talking and laughing.  Then, when they saw me, “What is mom doing?” they casually asked one another, huddled in a tight sibling group.   “Mom, my hands are freezing!” he wanted me to know,  all with fun and smiles.

They have all safely left for school and it is now 10:30.  I really should get dressed soon……….



She found me.

“Mom, what are you doing in my room?!?!?”
“Taking pictures out your window!”

I think it’s safe to say that it will be a while before I make any attempts to get outside into the woods with my camera.  It is enough for now, and quite fun, to lean out doors and windows, photographing the beauty.  I love snowy days and the cozy feeling inside the home when it’s coming down so steadily, beautiful, white, and fresh.


Considering the endless topic of books, despite (or, because of) the weather, my current longing is for books featuring the seaside.  I asked my 15 year old daughter Grace if she had any suggestions and we both jumped up off the couch and started exploring the bookshelves together, searching for our favorites, with hearts of gratitude for a home library gathered up over the last 19 years.

Books for Snowy Days, about the Sea, to Read by the Fire

Along the Shore, short stories by L.M. Montgomery
The Boat Who Wouldn’t Float, by Farley Mowat
Li Lun, Lad of Courage, by Carolyn Treffinger
The Lighthouse Keeper’s Wife, by Connie Small
Master and Commander, by Patrick O’Brian
The Light on the Island, by Helen Glidden
Burt Dow, Deep Water Man , by Robert McCloskey

“The spell of the sea and the wind surged into her heart and filled it with wild happiness and measureless content. ” ~Along the Shore










The North wind doth blow


and we shall have snow


and what will poor Robin do then, poor thing?


I saw a Robin fly into one of the bushes by the house and ran to get my zoom lens.  The pictures are pretty terrible because I shot through glass AND screen, but it was a lovely sight to see.  The Robin’s feathers were fluffed and he kept trying to perch on various thin branches, losing his balance, which caused his wings to fly out in order to steady himself.  The Robin reached for berries as I wondered if he was getting enough to eat.  He seemed to sense my question and turned around to show me under his tail feathers (see above, last picture).  “I have enough to eat but my behind is caked with snow.”  After the initial shock of seeing a bird butt, I sent through the air my silent sympathies and best wishes.

5 thoughts on “a song of snow and sea

  1. I so enjoyed this post ~ loved the cat in the window shot ~ and thoroughly enjoyed the music with the reading ~ now, I’m wanting to find that book by L. M. Montgomery!

  2. Such a cozy post. We had so much snow over the weekend…now it’s freezing and very sunny.
    I’m with you thinking about the beach..I actually said I want to be on the beach this morning!
    And reading..yes. We just finished The Whipping Boy aloud. Such a good quick read.
    Your pictures are beautiful! Happy Snow Day to you.

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