how to make homade slime (his own spelling)


What a great morning this has been, sun shining and so much accomplished like laundry, cleaning bedrooms, dishwashers, and matching tons and tons of socks.  I started a new photo album on FB of my church family, which I’ve wanted to do for a while.  And Sarah Joy had a bath.  She is feeling much better today for which we are thankful.  Everyone has had the stomach bug except Ethan and Rich, time will tell!

Aunt Colleen made an apron out of old blue jeans yesterday!  We were messaging on FB and she inspired me to make Sarah a purse out of the jeans I ripped when I fell on my knee.  Here are pictures:

The apron:


and the little purse made out of the back pockets sewn together back to back:



When Sarah woke up I gave her the purse and she said a soft “thank you, mama.”

Sewing is great but what about something else to make?  Like a science project?  I’m constantly growing mold in the fridge and the shower, but lately I’ve been in the mood to do something more challenging and this is the area in which Davy-do has become my inspiration.  Perhaps you too would like to do a simple science project.  How about homemade slime?

Here is Davy’s original recipe, with original spelling.  He was so kind to write it all up for the blog.

What you will need

1.   1 1/2 T. of elmers glue
2.  laundry detergent
3.  food coloring (optional but your choise of color.)
4.  water
5.  flour
6.  1 bowl

Steps!  Put your 1 1/2 tablespoons of glue in the bowl then pour 1/4 of a cup of water in it, then put 1 tablespoon of laundry detergent in it.  Next let it sit for 2 minutes, then pour it all out on a flat surface that you don’t want wet, quickly scoop up your slime and put in a small container, nows the time to put 2 drops of food coloring in it and store if you want it thicker add flour, the more you put in the thicker it will be.

I have so many questions!

And a few opinions.  One of which, as a mom, I do not suggest allowing the food coloring to be used.  It’s just really stressful.  Also, the laundry detergent is not a good idea.  My little scientist used so much that my hands felt funny after one touch of the slime….also, doing laundry now gives me flash backs to the slime situation, because of the aroma.  Other than that, you’re good to go with this one.

He moved on to recipes from outside sources, all of which used GEL & CLEAR ELMER’S GLUE(s) and borax.  I have gotten him about 7 containers of glue so far and he has had the most wonderful time making slime.  We have it in baggies and bowls all over the place but he still doesn’t let the little kids play with it. (he is very possessive of his slime!)   The recipe is here.



And/Or you can make a rubber egg.  This was sooooo weird.  He let the egg soak in vinegar all day long and the shell turned rubbery.  He loved his rubber egg so much but I accidentally dropped it on the floor after playing with it.  It broke, the dog ate it, and he will never let me hear the end of it.

IMG_6667 IMG_6666 IMG_6665 IMG_6664 IMG_6663


more information here.

Last but not least he has been making “instant ice” with FIGI bottled water.  He requested FIGI water one day and I forgot to get it at the store so after I dropped off Ethan at school I had to go to the store AGAIN because I was afraid of disappointing my little scientist.  Thankfully the local grocery store had it in stock.

Here is the fun explanatory video on “instant ice”: click here

Dave loves to watch youtube videos to inspire him to try different experiments.  I can’t wait to see what he tries next!



3 thoughts on “how to make homade slime (his own spelling)

  1. Your little scientist is on top of things. I thought I knew all the experiments from years of homeschooling, but didn’t know about the rubber egg or the instant ice. David looked over my shoulder to see what I was watching…and he knew. Our two scientists. I predict a rash of mineral water iccees are going to be popular at your house.

    Love the apron and purse. So cute.

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