{this moment} I’ve never found a child in this place before

I know the photo quality is terrible…this was taken at twilight yesterday…if you read yesterday’s post you know I’m dealing with a house full of sick people this week.  Well, Seth is healthy now and not only healthy but twice as active, impulsive, and mischievous as usual.  (I’m blaming the meds he’s on for his cold)…anyway, after an afternoon of dealing with his shenanigans, it was finally almost-but-not-soon-enough-for-Seth time to go to wrestling practice.  I still had to go to the bathroom, put on my shoes, and grab Rich’s dinner, so I sent hyper Seth out to wait in the car, with the admonition to “not turn it on!!!!”

*I’m impatiently going out the door into the frigid air to go on my THIRD trip of the day to the High School.
*I’m leaving sick children calling out to me for one more act of service before I vanish.
*I’m crying for my mom.
*I’m cursing the stomach bug.
*I’m hating the sport of wrestling.
*I’m limping on my bad knee.
*I’m feeling old ugly and worn down.
*I’m hungry and need a warm meal.

When I see this:



All of a sudden, the Lord restored unto me my sense of humor, I took a crappy picture, drove him to school, and was still laughing about it in my bed last night as I fell asleep.  Dear, dear little boy.

But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me.  Don’t stop them!  For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.”  

8 thoughts on “{this moment} I’ve never found a child in this place before

  1. 😊 stomach bugs and big families are NOT a good mix! I remember the days of wishing we could just all get it at once…because, by the time it rolls through the whole family 2 or 3 days at a time…you end up quarantined for a month! Praying that you are all germ-free very soon! You are a good Mama…a sense of humor definitely helps!

  2. Love everything about this post. I can smile because I am not sick. I do not have a houseful of sick children. But there are two little children here with their parents – waiting impatiently for legal paperwork so they can go home to the mid-west to continue the adoption process of the littlest one. I’m so glad that God gave you something to smile about.

  3. I so know where you’re at. Even in all of it He sees us. How comforting. The gift of a laugh when you least expected one.
    Hugs, christina

  4. That will be a great photo to show him when he’s older, or has kids of his own 🙂

    What a time you’ve had with the flu! I pray you are all healthy soon. Wow David is getting braces, he is growing up fast too. I guess Grace got lucky and missed braces … or maybe she has or had them and my brain is old … loved the photos from the last post, she is beautiful!

  5. LOL! 🙂 Laughter like that is a precious gift, especially when it comes unexpectedly in the midst of turmoil. I can’t imagine having to ‘push through’ an illness like that with that many responsibilities. I hope you all are on the mend, soon!

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