portraits of Grace, macaroni and cheese recipe, and what we’ve been up to

9 thoughts on “portraits of Grace, macaroni and cheese recipe, and what we’ve been up to”

  1. I am battling a sick bug today. Mostly sinus issues. Have been sitting on the couch sewing felt hearts. I like your paper hearts.
    The photos of your girl are very nice. So glad you have a couple of girls in the mix of boys. Honestly…they are are life savers for me. Love my guys, but nobody “gets” me like my daughters. You will find this to be true when yours are all grown and flown from the nest.
    Your schedule brings back memories of crazy times. We survived…and you will as well. You will miss the crazy times. Really…you will.
    Happy Thursday, dear friend. xo

  2. Sorry to hear ya all have been sick and that adds extra craziness in the midst of a busy schedule. Hope your all well and have a pleasant weekend of recovery. Hugs to you!

  3. Oh dear! My boys got the flu over Christmas break. I feel for ya. Sorry about the trip over the ice and the Fiesta ware…
    Beautiful pictures of Grace.
    Hugs, christina

  4. These are absolutely gorgeous pictures of Grace. I’m sorry that you all have been sick (and sorry about your bowl and your knee!) 😦 I hope that you all are on the mend soon. No matter how bad things get for you, you always manage to post a beautiful blog! I love seeing the bits and pieces of your life that you post.

  5. Beautiful pictures of Grace. I used to wear my hair that way when I was her age, did you too Shanda? Sorry you have had such a week. I was hoping you all wouldn’t pass it around…it seems to happen that way with stomach bug. ugg. I have had a stomach thing this week too. Never violent like yours, but I wish it would go away already. Hugs to you.

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