how to get a free coffee

(sharing just for fun, not to recommend thievery!)

1. you must have mama-brain, you must go through a drive-thru
2. order the coffee, and order other things
3. when they hand you your coffee first, take it, put it in your cup holder and forget you have it.
4. pay for food, wait for food
5. hand donut to child while continuing to wait for food.
6. when they say, “there you go, have a nice day” tell them they forgot to give you your coffee
7. receive free coffee
8. drive away



I’m seriously losing it!  This was completely unintentional I would never steal!

The next time I go I’m going to tell them the story and pay for the extra one, I guess.  That’s the honest thing to do, right?  SO embarassing.

I showed Dave and he said I should do it again, only nine times, with hot chocolate.

10 thoughts on “how to get a free coffee

  1. So funny. I don’t feel quite so bad now about putting the Parmesan cheese in the dishwasher and then spending the next ten minutes looking for it!

  2. Well too funny but they should have realized they gave you the coffee first too… They were probably brain overloaded with business. 😉 Mistake on both your parts or they just felt sorry for you b/c you were so busy! Cute story though!

  3. Btw….. You got your free coffee early…..I just saw this on the web!!! . Dunkin’ Donuts reveals special offer for free medium Dark Roast coffee to celebrate National Coffee Day on September 29″

  4. Definitely mommy brain! If I ever cannot find the sugar bucket, I look in the fridge. For some reason, I’ve put it in there several times, instead of on the shelf where it belongs.

  5. Yeah I have one of thoes too!;) it was fun to hear your voice!:) I like the joke about 9 hot chocolates!

    Ps. I was checking out of the dollar tree and when i paid my order,told the cashier I love you. I think it’s a brain fart from dropping the
    kids off at school and telling them I love them. How embarrassing!

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