love & best dishes


We have a terrible cold virus going through the whole family.  In fact, three of the children have missed school in the last week.  We had planned to go to NYC on our anniversary, but with the lack of sleep we decided to stay closer to home.

With a babysitter at home with Sarah, we went out to breakfast at a place about 45 minutes away.  It was a first time visit for us and we were not disappointed.  We ordered coffee and hot chocolate first, and the waitress brought me my mug with whipped cream sky high, and sprinkles, too.  The mug was resting on a yellow fiestaware saucer.  I collect fiesta dishes, so this was a thrill.

Then, we each ordered a version of eggs benedict.  My eggs were on a split croissant with spinach and mushrooms.  Rich’s were on an English muffin with corn beef hash.


And AGAIN, served on Fiestaware!  It is not typical to see fiesta in restaurants, so it was a treat to see “my” dishes used in this cafe.


Well, it was time for the mall to open, so we meandered down the road to do a little shopping, happy to be together, alone.


He didn’t have to twist my arm to get me into Tiffany&Co, where he bought me this dainty platinum ring (set with tiny diamonds).


We wandered around the mall and had a snack at Starbucks, where I pointed to my new ring while eating a pumpkin muffin.  Later on, I saw a display of candles; I love how our initials come together in the alphabet, Rich and Shanda.


After a while we left the mall and went to Barnes and Noble to sit and read.  I worked on my Bible study lesson and Rich continued his “Holiness” study.  I picked out a few books for the children and snapped some pictures of books that I thought looked interesting.  (Yesterday, I ordered two of them from amazon.)

We began to feel hungry so we left to go eat an early dinner at a pasta place.


AND GUESS WHAT?  Yet again our food was served on fiestaware.  At least, it was very similar to fiesta and stamped with the HLC mark.

Our waitress stopped by just as I was taking a picture of my food and when she teased me I told her that I collected Fiestaware and that I didn’t have the certain bowl our pasta was served in.  She seemed genuinely interested and asked several questions.


The next time she checked on us, she brought two clean bowls just like the ones we were eating from, and told us WE COULD HAVE THEM.

She didn’t even know it was our anniversary!  I laughed and exclaimed; it was such a nice surprise and she received a nice tip to match.


The little bread plates were also made by Homer Laughlin China (company that makes fiesta).

I did some research on my bowls and I think they are from HLC’s Bosque line.  It is not technically fiesta but very very similar.  I love my new bowls and will treasure them, they are only for Rich and I to use (not the children).



It was a great way to celebrate 19 years of marriage.

We are so grateful for each other, our relationship, the family we’ve made together,

and a kitchen well-stocked with the best dishes.  😉


 with my collection in 2008

9 thoughts on “love & best dishes

  1. What a lovely time together. I love the picture of Rich gazing at you, and that R&S come together like that. Your new ring is lovely. Such a blessing that you were given “His and Her” bowls on your anniversary! May God bless you with many more years together.

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