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My husband Rich took Monday and Tuesday off from work because our anniversary was Tuesday.  We went to Gillette castle on Monday and I showed no restraint when it came to picture-taking so I have sixty-some pictures to share here today.

On the way there we stopped at this interesting little cafe for a bathroom break.  It was called Two Wrasslin’ Cats and there were cat figurines and pictures everywhere.  It was great.   I had a lemon ginger scone, Sarah had a cookie, and Rich had a coffee.


As soon as we got out of the truck at Gillette castle, Rich told me to take a picture of this tree. ^^


You first have to go into the Visitor Center to buy a ticket (in order to see the inside of the Castle).


The bathrooms were clean and spacious and there were a lot of stalls, but the each toilet was like a portapotty…..sort of scary for Sarah.  No flushing necessary.  The sinks were normal, however.


William Gillette had the castle built for his home, he was a famous actor in his time best known for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes.


We bought our tickets and then went into a room to watch a movie about William Gillette.  He was the youngest of six children.  He was so much younger than his siblings that he was often treated as an only child.


“William’s parents wanted him to follow a more dignified line of work, possibly the law or politics; something more suited to his family class and background.  But William had his own thoughts.”  Love it.

The saddest thing we learned about Gillette was that his wife, whom he loved deeply, died at the age of 28 from a ruptured appendix.  He never married again.


His castle is noted for it’s creative doors.  They are all hand-carved and no two are the same.


William was fond of the railroad and built his own three mile run for a small train on his property.  Here, Sarah is sitting in one of the old cars.  ^^

We learned that he generously gave rides to his guests,  and Albert Einstein was most terrified when he was behind the wheel.  LOL


Another amusing note about William Gillette and his wishes for his property after he died.


Rich and Sarah Joy next to Gillette’s engine.



The seat Gillette sat on to drive the train!


Behind the visitor’s center is a porch with a breathtaking view.  Rich and I both said we would love to go back in a few weeks to see the fall colors.


We know nothing about the vegetable cellar but we were intrigued by it.


We were approached the castle on a nice path and stopped for a picture.

Sarah is wearing a sweater made by her Great Great Grandmother.


The castle; and the interesting walkway with rock walls.


We were greeted by an elderly lady, who took our tickets and let us in the castle.  The first picture I took from within was this window latch.


We were told that this narrow door was used by Gillette to take a peek at his guests….if he didn’t want to see them he snuck away….if he did, he jumped out to surprise them.



Tiffany light fixture.


The first room we went to was the great room (living room area).


I love the fire place and the way the wood was kept on a convenient rolling cart…..



William Gillette owned four pet frogs (no longer, of course,  in existence) and he had this fountain and greenhouse full of plants for them to enjoy.


This is a display of coins from around the world which have been thrown into the fountain.





A tour guide talked about this door, and how Gillette thoughtfully had it cut away to give it room to open around the corner chair.


He had an inventive nature and I had the feeling that he completely enjoyed his creation (which was the entire Castle).



Sarah enjoyed trying the handles of every door.


William Gillette loved his cats.


He had a lot of books, which are still all in his bookshelves.  We enjoyed leaning over the ropes to read the titles.


The office; notice the chair on the rollers.


The owls in the fire place have glass eyes that glow when a fire is lit behind them.  I want them so much!!


kitchen area


A Wonderful old stove, I think it would be fun to use one of these for a month or so.  Then, I would like my modern one back.


I love every kitchen I see!



After we explored the downstairs, we moved up a level, to the bedrooms.





Sarah and I looked out the window.


I noticed the wood work.


While she noticed the boat!


More of the *47* gorgeous doors.



He had cat figurines throughout the house.


For a time, he lived in a houseboat called “Aunt Polly” which was named for an elderly lady who nursed him back to health after a bout with tuberculosis.  It was from this boat that he saw the site which later became his castle property.  In one of the rooms there were museum pieces of some of the remains of the Aunt Polly (which accidentally burnt and is no more).


(His bedroom)



The door to his bedroom.


The lamp in his bedroom.  He could reach up and adjust it for reading in bed.


View of the downstairs from the balcony.


Then, we were on the third level, where there was a nice art display and more of his books and letters.








We exited the castle and meandered our way back to the visitor’s center for a bathroom break.  Then, we got our books out of the truck and went back to read, sitting on the benches outside the castle with a view of the river.  Sarah played with a few little toys that she brought with her.









The property is a State Park and we would love to go back to explore some more.


*All information in this post is to the best of my own sometimes faulty recollections.  For more information click here.


Thank you for visiting the blog today, my friends!






11 thoughts on “gillette castle

  1. What an interesting castle to explore — I love the doors, and would be right with Sarah as she opened them all! I learned to cook on an old oil stove, similar to the wood stove in your photo — it’s hot, slow, and unpredictable!

  2. aweeeee so nice to see you again! I missed your posts! I know it has only been a few days or so but…
    anyways.. I took my sis n law there once when she came for a visit when we lived in CT. Such a pretty place and neat too! Looks like you all had a splendid time! Happy Anniversary!

  3. This was our alternative if we encountered bad weather while visiting family in CT for the Mystic Art Festival. It is on the list, should we return to that area. Interesting place. Nice photos!

  4. How interesting!! Love the doors. So neat how the castle has that “castle” type charm, but inside looks so warm and cozy like a lodge. Thank you so much for sharing this post. Loved it!!

  5. loved his kitchen too! My mom grew up with a table and cabinet and stove like that – I always wished to have my grandmother’s cabinet and table. Had a stove kind of like that at one time – sad that I gave it up. I’m sure you were thrilled to explore that castle!! 🙂 Esp. with the love of your life! 😉

  6. Happy Anniversary to you two! I am glad you took so many pictures. What a great place. I think we saw the outside of Gillette castle, 35 years ago, when we toured the country. As soon as you said the name, and I saw the outside it looked so familiar. I am sure we didn’t get to tour inside though, as I would remember all those wonderful doors and info about the train. The views are so lovely. Great pictures of you, Rich, and little girl (she is looking like her sis)

  7. First, Happy Anniversary! 19 years…how wonderful! Next year is a big one!
    You should plan a romantic trip..perhaps to Chicago! I know some people you could visit. 😉

    Gorgeous, gorgeous castle and property..and even more prettier when visited on a lovely, sunny day.
    I really like that rolling wood cart…I’m thinking a smaller version would be nice in our home…hmmm?
    My parents have a cook stove. It is wonderful! Of course they have a new one that looks like an old one, but it bakes like no oven can! Bread and cookies out of there are better than any modern oven! I am quite jealous!!! However, I would not like to have to use it during the summer months! I always think of women in the old days when I can….it must have been SO hot! I’m hot in my air conditioned house with a tank top on! They had layers and layers and long sleeves..I can’t imagine…no thank you! Ha!

    Glad you had a such a great day. and I think you should go back in the next couple weeks and take fall pictures to share! 🙂
    Happy Thursday to you!!!

  8. I enjoyed seeing all of your pictures! Very interesting. I like that old stove, too…and the fireplace was awesome (not to mention the library). I don’t know if I could live in a castle forever, but a couple of day would be cool. Sweet pictures of you. 🙂

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