Day 3



After a gorgeous sunrise this morning on Jekyll, we headed out the door and drove to sunny (but chilly) Florida!


We had cups of icy cold orange juice at the welcome center.


Dad and Mom held hands…they didn’t know I was taking this picture from the back seat (I was reading my book).



After arriving in St. Augustine, FL, we had a delicious breakfast.  Mom and I had sweet potato waffles with bananas, pecans, and caramel syrup.



Everything around me was so beautiful, and the city was bustling today.

We rode on the trolley tour, and got off for a while to do some walking and shopping.






We enjoyed (part of) a free organ recital at one of the big churches.

(we didn’t stay for the whole thing)


We went on a history tour, which was very interesting.  This young lady did a very good job at explaining historical facts of Florida and St. Augustine.


I bought a few little things at this lovely shop.  Owl earrings!


We enjoyed the stained glass windows in this old church.




Mom and I toured some very old houses, and of course I took a lot of photos here.

I loved every part of prowling around the old grounds and houses.


Isn’t this old ceiling light gorgeous?


This is some kind of old handiwork.  I would love to know more about this craft!  Dawn, you could bring it back!






I love this picture, with the big plant, RED windows, brick, and green chair



pink building, roses




blue wall, yellow, old sofa, painting


“The Oldest House”



Palm tree like fireworks.

After a delicious dinner, we drove back to the island and arrived at about 9-something tonight.  Going to read my book now and get some sleep.

News from back home:  my son Ethan got his drivers permit!

Thankful for another day.  ~


11 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. Lovely day Shanda. You are as cute as can be in that shot leaning on the railing. So happy for you and your parents. We went to St. Augustine 35 years ago, so I don’t remember that much, it was fun to see your photos.

    • Thank you, Jenny. My mom took that picture and she liked how it turned out, too. That’s so neat that you’ve been to St. Augustine! I’m sure it has changed a lot since you’ve been there. We had a great time. I would love to go back. xo

  2. Nice post, Shanda. Have not been to Florida in years. My dad’s first church was there and it is where I was born. I can almost smell the ocean and sea shells just thinking of it. Nice for you to spend time with your folks. Also nice to have a break from the wintry weather of the northlands. Not sure about the craft. It reminds me of the Victorian artwork made from hair.

  3. Congrats to Ethan! I love Florida! Look out for an orang ish tree. Its beautiful. Royal ponsienna. Florida is full of pink houses and tiled roofs. Very unique and different from Texas. Im sure alot different than where you live as well! :).
    Old houses are so interesting!
    Enjoy your time! Christina

  4. Drivers permit! I think I got hives just reading that, I don’t know how I will handle it when one of mine starts driving. Love all of the photos and those waffles look like they were delicious. xo -Chris

    • I got the hives just writing it! It’s scary, Chris, but must be done—letting go of much loved children is so hard–but I trust God each day to give me the strength and that He will guide their lives. Thanks so much for stopping by the blog–hope you and the family are well! xo

  5. Congratulations to Ethan on the permit! I know that will probably help you out a lot.

    The sunrise is gorgeous! I love sunrises and sunsets. The BREAKFAST. Man. This is my dream vacation! Shops, books, sunrises, good food, family (very sweet pic of your Mom and Dad holding hands), music, church…wow. I feel like I’ve been on vacation with you!

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