day 2

10 thoughts on “day 2”

  1. The picture of you and your dad–with your mom in the mirror–Precious!
    I love your idea for a necklace or a sign: God Did This. I have to remember that. I’d love to put that on an adoption announcement when our little girl comes home.

  2. Ooh! My kind of day! Yes, I’d love to own a bookshop with my husband. Im sure we have over a hundred books. Lol maybe four or five hundred. Lol.
    Thoes cupcakes look good! What a neat testimony. God did this!:)
    I love the beach. Stick your toes in the sand for me!:) christina

  3. I love being able to vacation along with you. Those cupcakes look amazing!! How did you chose?? Love the “God did this”. Oh, to proclaim it every day!!

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