day 2


Last night we were still out to dinner, but this evening we decided to stay in and have a light meal in the room.  It’s been a relaxing afternoon, we did our adventuring this morning by going back over the bridge to Brunswick for shopping.  Dad dropped Mom and I off and we meandered through places that we especially thought looked interesting~



I have to say that this was the most darling shop for little girl’s clothes, I could have dressed Sarah in a wardrobe entirely from this place.  I did come away with three dresses and a skirt, which I will do a post about at a later date, when Sarah can model them.


I went in and the owner said, “I would have stood in the window and posed for you!”  He saw me taking the picture.  We were also greeted by the dog, Mr Wriggles, who, after a silent hello, wandered away again.  The owner’s wife kept coughing but assured us she was on antibiotics.  Wouldn’t it be fun to own a nice little book shop with your significant other?


*cookbook all about biscuits and my bag of dresses for Sarah Joy*


We can now heartily recommend Arte Pizza on 1518 Newcastle Street in Brunswick, GA.  I had the house salad and a meatball sandwich, made with thick slices of meatball, lightly sauced with a wonderful tomato sauce, with a basil leaf.  It was served steaming hot on an artisan roll.

Dad met us back at the pizza place for lunch; he had two slices of cheese pizza (thin crust).

Mom had a caesar salad and a pasta dish.


We sat at a tall round table right by the window, on stools.  We were cozy, watching the traffic go by and enjoying our food.


Then, we had cupcakes for dessert.  (see why we needed a light dinner?)


we had wedding cake, ice cream sundae, and lemon ones


They were made by this lady, who has won awards for her cupcakes and isn’t shy to let people know that “God Did This”.  Wouldn’t it be nice to make a sign like that and hang it up in your house or around your child’s neck like a necklace?  I love it.



we went out to the pool
read books
walked along the beach
watched a cooking show
drank coffee
what else?  I guess that’s about it.

I admit, I do miss my husband and children.  They are doing fine, though.  They adopted a new cat named Billy.


10 thoughts on “day 2

  1. The picture of you and your dad–with your mom in the mirror–Precious!
    I love your idea for a necklace or a sign: God Did This. I have to remember that. I’d love to put that on an adoption announcement when our little girl comes home.

  2. Ooh! My kind of day! Yes, I’d love to own a bookshop with my husband. Im sure we have over a hundred books. Lol maybe four or five hundred. Lol.
    Thoes cupcakes look good! What a neat testimony. God did this!:)
    I love the beach. Stick your toes in the sand for me!:) christina

  3. I love being able to vacation along with you. Those cupcakes look amazing!! How did you chose?? Love the “God did this”. Oh, to proclaim it every day!!

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