what day are we on now? Day 4



Nothing is worth more than this day. ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


We are at the end of day four and this is my last night here on Jekyll Island so I am a tiny bit sad.

I am a little sad, but mostly content, though, because we three are having such a great time….today was manicure and pedicure day for Mom and me.

Dad dropped us off at the Jekyll Island club and we walked around a little before we went to our appointment at the spa there.


There were tall stemmed poppies in bloom, bright orange and white ones, a feast for the eyes.


Mother in the poppies, looking like a poppy in her yellow sweater.


Spanish moss is so fascinating and pretty to look at~



three little birds


a quick little snack before our pampering–


Mom got a french mani and pedi and I got a regular mani and a polish change on the toes.  There was only one nail professional working so we sat through each other’s treatments.  It was quiet and nice and no one else was around but the owner and she was fun and easy to talk to.  The woman doing our nails was only 22, and calm and capable.  My polish was OPI’s “Miami Beet”  (such a fun name!)


After our nails dried and we met back up with Dad, we went to the Rah Bar on a pier by the water.  We had the most wonderful shrimp, I had a half pound of them with some red potatoes, and ice sweet tea.



Then we headed back to the club for dessert at the cafe.  They had Dad’s favorite black bottom muffins and because he had given us gifts, (as you will see in a moment) Mom and I bought him two muffins.  I had one, as well (a dense chocolate muffin with a little scoop of cheesecake topping and chocolate chips in the cake) and Mother had a big oatmeal cookie with dried cranberries.



See my pretty nails?


Mom and Dad swam in the hotel pool while I read my book and then the three of us got into the hot tub.


My handsome Dad wearing his new hat that he got for himself.



So when Dad met up with us at the spa he was carrying a bag.  He had gone shopping and of course we wanted to know right away what he had.  But he wouldn’t show us and told us to stop snooping and trying to know his business.  Once we got to the Rah Bar for our shrimp we were still curious and he said, “Oh all right, I’ll show you what I have.” and he pulled out a gift for each of us; a canvas bag with a soy candle inside.  He had chosen each thing carefully.


My bag is the one with the books and CS Lewis quote, and my candle is “Celtic Moonspice”.  I wonder if I’ll ever burn it.  Dad gave it to me!

I am currently watching American Idol, on the bed with Mom, while Dad is in the other room learning new drumming techniques on his computer.


6 thoughts on “what day are we on now? Day 4

  1. What sweet parents you have! Love the thoughtfulness of your Dad’s gifts. You mani is very pretty. I have enjoyed the pictures of your trip!

  2. So sweet to see your relationship with your parents and the sweet memories you are making together. Love the bag your Dad picked out!! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. You seriously have the best parent ever!! They really seem to know how to make you feel loved and what you need to get a break! Cherish them!! So precious!

  4. Shrimp. Mmm…What a sweet gift from your Dad! I love those bags! I’m glad you had warm enough weather for swimming. Our weather has been kinda crazy here on the coast. Granted, I’m further south and west than that, but still ‘coastal’.

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