nature bits

My two nieces and a nephew are here today and we all went for a walk in the forest (11 of us).  It’s a preliminary fall type of day, bright and clear and dry.  Contentment in my heart.  Sunshine in our smiles.  I brought home nature bits in my hand.  Naomi had the first find; a tiny feather with an orange tip.  She ran to me and I said, “Oh can I keep it?” and she jumped up and down smiling, “Yes!”  Then, I found a blob of a yellow mushroom oozing out of a fallen tree.  I was surprised by the color and kept it.  Then, another feather!  I have a nature journal and I glue feathers into it.  I have never seen feathers like the ones we found today and can’t wait to add them to the journal. 

A purple mushroom and a butterfly wing.  Strangely, just a single wing.

3 thoughts on “nature bits

  1. Fall already??!!a NNNOOOOOO 🙂 What a thrill to find all the unique treasures in your woods, in nature – so much of God's intricate beautiful details are all around us if we take the time to look and find, be aware of His presence everywhere

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