pretty ears



Poor Sarah.  She knew she wanted her ears pierced but she didn’t really understand what “pierced” meant.  Thankfully, with them both done at once, it was over in a split second.  Later on, after we got home, I did a quick photo shoot with her, bright and happy, with her pretty ears.

a lazy summer evening for pretty ears

pirate smile

diva pose amongst the zinnias

do you see the kitty?

I finally have pretty ears!


As I write, she’s sitting at my feet making up stories with two tiny dollies.

8 thoughts on “pretty ears

  1. I like the little diamonds. My choice, too!!! My last piercing, at the top of my ear, was done along with my oldest granddaughter, Moriah. We both were wanting it done and decided on the spur of the moment to go for it. Fun memory.
    Much better than the first time I did my ears.
    I was 17. At a sleepover.
    My girlfriend froze my lobes and used a needle to pierce through to a radish held behind my ears.
    That was CRAAAAZY!
    Hurt, too! 😛

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