with my husband at the playground

Being put to sleep to get teeth removed, in the grand scheme of things, really isn’t that big of a deal.  However, for our little family, it was a situation that caused some anxiety and a few days of painful recovery for my dear husband and eldest child, Jacob.

What took me by surprise, however, was the example of love that Rich showed for his son.  Rich was called in to the office first to get three teeth pulled.  It was standard procedure, but one of his teeth had to be broken in order for the doctor to remove it.  When they called me in to be with him in the recovery room, he was coming out of the anesthesia, extremely groggy and out of it, holding a tiny piece of tooth in his hands.  He kept trying to sit up, and the nurse and I kept encouraging him to lay back and rest.  His mouth was full of gauze, he was so confused, and my heart was aching to see my strong husband in such a vulnerable state.   I pulled a tissue from the box to dab at the little tears forming at the corners of his closed eyes.  The only thing, the one thing on his heart, wasn’t his own pain, but his Jake.  “How’s Jake?”  he mumbled.  “Go to Jake.”  He spoke several times, needing and wanting to get up and go to his son.  It broke my heart, knowing that Jacob was having his own wisdom teeth out at that very moment and Rich wanted to be with him through it.  I stood by his chair and held him in my arms as we waited together.

As soon as Jacob was in recovery, the nurse came to get me.  I left Rich to sleep, and went to sit with Jacob.  I was there not five minutes when I heard a nurse call, “He’s up and walking without assistance!”  Both nurses rushed to Rich’s side as he made his way to his dear son.  “How are you, Jake?”  he mumbled, as he patted him and sat down by him.  They were together as they slowly came back out their confusion. 

I’ll never forget it.  If I ever had a doubt that Rich cared, and cared deeply, this small adventure in the oral surgeon’s office blew all the doubts away.  I was reminded once again, that I am married to sincere and loving man, who loves his family and children in a way that amazes me.  I am so thankful.

While Jacob spent a couple days on the couch, sleeping a lot, Rich was up the day after his procedure to get back to work.  It would take more than just a few teeth being pulled to keep him home from work and he always feels better staying active when something is bothering him.  He kept busy on Saturday, too, but we did take an hour to go sit at the playground to watch our five youngest children run and play in the evening sunshine…..

7 thoughts on “with my husband at the playground

  1. I teared up reading of Riches concern and love. It is a gift. Hope they both heal up fast. We relate. David had his wisdom teeth out August 1st. All four. He stayed awake,so as not to have complications with his other meds, which turned out fine. He was numb til 9 or 10 at night, but a rough couple nights after that. He is healing well, but I do think it set him back in his other things physically as he is not feeling so great.
    Love your smile! Happy Monday to you. Loved catching up on your other posts.

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