recipe for a morning at the park

1 abundant blue sky 

2 (or more!) busy little kids

1 cheap plastic golf toy

1 box of chalk

2 balls (one Princess, one Thomas)



kindle (for mama)



Stir all together on a big grassy lawn and let bubble for two hours under a 70 degree sun, or until someone starts to get burned. 


Seriously.  The sky was this blue. 


We were downtown.  There is just nothing like that hometown joyful feeling of “this is MINE” “THIS is where I live!”


It’s supposed to get into the high 70s today.  I’m glad I took the kids out this morning before it got too hot.

We have Kevin here working on the house everyday from 8-3 and it’s best to get away for a few hours (out of his hair).

The children have been climbing on his scaffolding, which is set up in the livingroom, so yeah, we needed to leave until naptime.

I could hear toads calling in the canal nearby which means they are on their way, hopping, to our ponds.  It’s a springtime ritual.


We  had such fun at the park, Sarah peed her pants but thankfully with a dress on it didn’t matter much.  She was THRILLED with her new pink princess ball, “I’ve ALWAYS WANTED a princess ball!” she breathed (we made a stop at the drug store for supplies on the way). 

(At the drug store Seth dumped an entire bottle of bubbles out in the aisle right next to me, behind my back.  Oh that Seth.)


Subway lunch with a cherry coke for mama.


On the kindle:  As Always, Julia:  The Letters of Julia Child and Avis DeVoto, by Joan Reardon


I started it last night and I love it because of the friendship the two of them formed, simply by writing back and forth.  They became friends through their letters before they even met face to face (reminds me of blogging/penpal relationships, too)  The letters are fascinating, and as I have read My Life in France, and also Dearie, it was only a matter of time before I found and read this one.  Avis was influential in getting Mastering the Art of French Cooking published and a great encouragement to Julia. 


Some quotes from the first few chapters when Julia was still in France and Avis was in the States: 

“Paul reads to me in the kitchen while I’m getting dinner.”  ~ Julia, about her husband, I thought this was so sweet.

“Will send biographies of Simone and Louisette, and a nice photo of a cold decorated fish.”  ~Julia (LOL) made me laugh

“This is to say thank you thank you thank you for the wire whip……”  ~Avis

“I have just sent you three shallots air mail, and hope the girl at the post office didn’t mash them as she hit them awfully hard all over with her rubber stamp.” ~Julia


Life is too short to say no to princess dresses.  Although I had my doubts about it, she managed the slide and the playset just fine in her long fancy dress, thank you very much. heart



16 thoughts on “recipe for a morning at the park

  1. I can’t think of anything more fun and freeing than wearing a princess dress AND playing at the park. Seriously that should be therapy somewhere. I think I’ll start that group.Beautiful blue sky! Sounds like a perfect day.

  2. Yay for happy, sunny, days at the park. My dil says that parks and libraries are two of the things she misses most down in St. Kitts. Thanks for sharing your reads! I have been delighted to follow several of your suggestions

  3. Very inspiring to just pack it up for a day. I very much want to do this at least once this summer. We’re still “in” school. Cherry coke is my favorite and I get it every time we get Subway. Yum!

  4. What a gorgeous day! Those quotes, especially about the shallots, are amusing! I do think I need a princess dress. Maybe I’d feel more like one. (a princess, not a dress) heehee

  5. Sigh.. This brought back memories of little children and sunny days from about 35 years ago. Some things never really change. Thanks for the reminders of yesterday’s joys.

  6. Such a perfect day. I love the princess dress…always let my girls be princesses too. (and my boys cowboys ;)and I’m glad, because they don’t want to be cowboys anymore. The park is beautiful.I bet you’re getting so excited for your kitchen remodel to be over. I’m sure you’ll be cooking up a storm! Happy Wednesday to you.

  7. Love those pink cheeks and the princess dress. My Sianna has some of them, and she like to be a princess, too! My heart is singing because my daughter is coming over from N. Ireland in August to stay for THREE WEEKS!!!!!! I will get to love on my two, sweet granddaughters for three weeks! I can’t wait to see finished pictures of your lovely kitchen. I am sure Kevin appreciates it when you take the little ones somewhere so he can work without so much “help!”

  8. Sarah reminded me of my Lakelyn – princess dresses are for parks! :)what a beautiful sky and time. Lovely memories made, precious. Makes you want to just stop time sometimes doesn’t it?I love that you read. I feel guilty (which is stupid) for pleasure reading. . . and I am insistent to stop feeling that way and do it. You motivate me.Have a blessed day – I hope you get some sunshine!Alyssa

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