butterflies and cake


How do you spell mischief?  “S” “E” “T” “H”, that’s how!


We began our Saturday morning with our dear Seth making a mess.  It was his 2, 214th.  He found my ULTRA SUPER CONCENTRATED window wash stuff and dumped it all up and down the entire porch.  Rich and I were inside enjoying our coffee when he came back inside looking guilty.  “WHAT DID YOU DOOOOOOO?” I asked, and he took me outside to show me.  He got into T.R.O.U.B.L.E.  But, those eyes!  So guilty, so beautiful! 

He was willing to help clean up, though.

The porch floor is clean, completely clean as a whistle, now.

Caleb had found a cocoon about a month ago.  I don’t remember where he found it, but we decided to put it on a dried grass arrangement I had in a mason jar, to see what would happen.  On Saturday, a butterfly emerged!  I found it just after it ‘hatched’, and it’s wings were moist and limp.  It fell to the floor like a damp little rag and we moved it to a bush in the garden sunshine, to dry.

It was a delight to sit and watch it.  The only thing left to do is identify it.

I took a little walk with David and Caleb because David wanted me to see the neighbor’s beautiful flowers (creeping phlox).

David’s funny quote of the weekend, “I don’t get fat because whenever I eat food I burn it out.” 

I made a cake and it was my first experience of baking something in a brand spanking new oven!  It was just a box lemon cake, with lemon icing.  Sarah of the blue eyes, with crumbs around her little mouth, loved it.

I love my oven (pictures to come in a few days!)

My beautiful daughters:::



Rich spent a lot of time this weekend, working on a water pump.  He has enjoyed the challenge of trying to get it started again (no luck yet).



On Sunday morning, I put Sarah’s dress on her and she immediately became a dancer.


Caleb combed his own hair for church and then sprayed a thick, very very thick, coating of hair spray on it.  This face is SOOOOO cute!  I love this big boy of mine.

Caleb’s quote of the week, “Cassie took some of my sliver out and then I bit the rest out myself.”  (it was in HIS BIG TOE!)  (Cassie is the little neighbor girl who comes over to play!)




Rich’s secretary is getting married next month and I was able to attend her bridal shower yesterday.  I didn’t know her very well, and only slightly knew one other person going, so it was a great growing experience for me (shy one that I am) to be brave and go.  It was a gathering of family and friends and just a couple of people from work, I felt a little odd going as “THE BOSS’S WIFE”, but the ladies were all so lovely and nice.  It was held at a place by the river, with such a pretty view from the windows.  All the ladies were dressed up and I was happy that I had decided to wear a new dress, high heel wedge sandals, and a pretty necklace.  I put on full make up and then realized later that I forgot to apply the mascara.  I had a mimosa for the first time (yum!) and sat at a round table for lunch with the bride’s grandmother, aunt, and friends.  Totally strange not to be chasing children around.  I just sat still (tried to) and enjoyed the company.  It was almost an hour drive to get there, and then with the ride back, I was gone for most of the day.  It was a sweet, and beautiful afternoon, watching the bride-to-be open all her gifts and enjoying the pretty decorations, the lunch, and strawberry cream cake.


Hope you all had a lovely weekend!  –Rich and I had one of “THOSE PARENTING MOMENTS” on Saturday afternoon when we realized we wouldn’t see Jacob and Ethan for most of the day.  They were busy with sports and then a job up the street with the neighbor.  They are getting older and more independent all the time and we felt slightly sad, missing them.  Happily, Rich did take them out the movies that night, with Grace.  They saw Iron Man 3.  But they are gone so much that when Jacob is home I sometimes jump to hear him come into the room and talk…..not used to having a deep talking young man around!  heart


PS, I’ve been watching Julia Child “The French Chef” shows every night on youtube.  It’s so entertaining!  She truly was one of a kind.


14 thoughts on “butterflies and cake

  1. That lil Sarah of yours is just so precious! Love the red shirt and her big blue eyes 🙂 I don’t have a camera right now, so I’m missing out on capturing moments of life 😦 I enjoy getting a peak into your life, your days and the love and joy you show – you are blessed! 🙂

  2. I look forward to seeing your kitchen remodel completed!!! I love a good home project! And how neat to see the butterfly drying and getting to experience nature at her rawest with your little ones, learning all the while. My little one is just bursting with tons and tons of questions these days, about EVERYTHING. I am loving it!

  3. Each one of these photos is a stand-alone story in itself, even if you had no words with it. They say so much. Sincerely…it’s such a gift to be able to capture that… I’m constantly in awe.I loved this post! 🙂 But then…I love all of your blog posts. It’s like sitting down to read a good book that takes you through the gamut of emotions and touches the heart.Hugs and blessings to you today.

  4. Oh that Seth! God is going to use that energy and inquisitive nature of his. Great idea to make use of the solution and Seth as cleaner. Gorgeous butterfly. It is such a treat to watch them open up. The phlox looks so much like the mini iceplant we have blooming in the same pinks and purples here this time of year. Great capture of your little dancer with her name behind her! Tell Caleb he is stylin.

  5. I’ve had those feelings – the rare getting away, so strange, but fun, yet out of my comfort zone.These are some great pictures. Sarah is a doll (as you know!) I love the cake picture of her.Yeah for you on the kitchen remodel! And to make it through without a kitchen for time! 🙂

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