kitchen remodel part 2


“If we ever get into the money I am going to have a kitchen where everything is my height, and none of this pigmy stuff, and maybe 4 ovens, and 12 burners all in a line, and 3 broilers, and a charcoal grill, and a spit that turns.”  ~Julia Child’s dream kitchen, from a letter she wrote to Avis DeVoto in the early years, before cookbook, before fame.  She was over six feet tall so I imagine stooping over regular height counters and stoves got to be tiresome at times.


My own dream kitchen is coming along nicely.  The double oven has been installed and I have used it several times.  There is now crown molding above the cabinets, which I think is so pretty.


A cabinet detail of “where the garbage will be” (to answer Joanna’s question).  There is a bin for the trash and one for the recycling.


A picture of the island before the countertop was installed.  There are 2 big drawers, and four smaller ones, and 2 big cabinets with pull out shelves.


The master bedroom is a shambles, full of kitchen items and livingroom stuff (while it is being painted).  I have so much to do to get the house in order.


This was the day the granite was installed (I think it was Monday).  The couches were in the middle of the room for painting.


The granite was installed and the sink was put in place.


Scaffolding was put up and left in the livingroom for several days.  The children loved it.  Meanwhile, Rich and I had to take everything off the walls to add to the piles in our bedroom.  heart



We had rain yesterday but during the other days the weather was beautiful.  It was so dry and warm that we could keep the doors and windows open, which was very nice when dealing with dust and paint fumes.  It was also nice to take Seth and Sarah outside in the mornings to stay out of the way.



Caleb, Seth, and Sarah ate popsicles on the scaffolding.  It was taken down yesterday and they were all sad.  So cute.


Yesterday the wooden top was put on the island and the faucet was put in place.  I spent some time putting some things back.  It’s starting to look lovely.



I gave Sarah a bath this morning and then she played at the sink.   The new sink is a stainless steel single basin and deep.  When we picked it out Rich said it would be nice for me to give babies a bath in.  When I started to swoon, he quickly said, “Not that you’ll have anymore of your own, but you will have grandchildren.”  stunned

((2009, baby Seth in the kitchen sink))


We still need the dishwashers and range top installed, stools to buy for the island, and the granite back splash put in place.  We also have under cabinet lighting, hardware, a new light fixture above the sink, and the trim work to do before it is completely finished.

I started putting my fiestaware in the open shelving.  Doesn’t it look pretty?


We are so thankful for our fresh new kitchen!




Once the new addition is done, the table will be out of the room which will give us plenty of space to use the kitchen and island. 

Despite the chaos, I still try to keep flowers or a candle sitting pretty on the table, because beautiful things are so uplifting.  Today I have an old blue mason jar on it, with a simple twig of pinky-white wild apple blossoms, which I picked the other day from the edge of the woods.




31 thoughts on “kitchen remodel part 2

  1. It’s coming along so well!!!! I love the pics of the kids on the scaffolding! It’s truly the little simple things that make life grand! I love your Fiestaware in the open shelving! I also love the double ovens and island. In my dream home, I will have those features, too! I can’t wait to see it all completed, it’s coming along so nicely!

  2. It’s all coming together — the best part of all!  I redid my kitchen last year, and love the new one — way more storage space, much easier to keep clean, and so much prettier!  Enjoy it!

  3. The lighting is making me drool! I can imagine how bright and pretty it will be with the under cabinet lights! And yes, your fiesta is very lovely!

  4. And I love the keeping flowers on the table idea. I think I will give it a try . Before I even read this post I thought of u as I trimmed off the dry leaves off one of my house plants. I washed each (what remains) green leaf and promised myself I will nurture my plants back to life and they can live happily in my house knowing there will be plenty fresh water to drink:)

  5. The Fiestaware made it YOUR kitchen, and also look so pretty! It is beautiful and warm already, and will only get better with all those details you have planned. I thought of you when all our crew was here last week as we ran the dishwasher so often…I totally see the need for two. Grew up with two ovens and it is so wonderful, especially with all the baking you do. Love the dangling legs on the scaffolding.

  6. Wow!!!!! I love the open cabinet so you can see your festive fiesta ware! Looks absolutely stunning! Enjoy!

  7. It’s lovely.  Happy for you!  And grace to you as you get everything back together after remodelling and painting.  That kind of upset can drive me bonkers when I’m feeling a little fragile anyway. πŸ™‚   

  8. So incredibly beautiful and so exciting! I am so happy for you. And I identify with you when you say that you felt like it was a luxury to get a new kitchen with the other one wasn’t that bad — we did the same thing a few years ago, and my husband insisted that we were going to do it over my guilt and worry and all of those things. I have never, ever been sorry. I use and use my kitchen, and God blesses people through our kitchen, and I try to look at it as a servant of God’s along with me and our family, to further His Kingdom, here on earth. Some days, that is just my family, but other days it is a whole lot more folks. May God pour out His Blessing on your sweet kitchen, and amy there be many Holy moments there as you and your family share life together.

  9. FINALLY!!!!! I was checking multiple times a day!!!!! I feel satisfied I had a great meal after being so hungry! πŸ™‚ What light fixture, will it hang down? The wood counter is so yummy! I lvoe how deep the sink is!! LOL! I am really so very happy for you and cannot wait to see it in person!! Love, JO

  10. love the shot of the kiddos on the scaffolding with their popsicles.. sarah’s little red lips! so cute. the kitchen is beautiful. so warm and inviting. i like that it’s modern and top of the line but still with that homey feel -might have something to do with the homemaker too. :))hope you have a wonderful mother’s day weekend shan!

  11. Your kitchen looks wonderful. We bought the stools for our kitchen 5 years ago at Ikea. I don’t know if you have an Ikea near you or not. We had to drive to Chicago. They only cost about $20. each, and they have lasted well. The seats and backs are wooden, and they do fold up, which is sometimes an advantage.

  12. It looks GREAT! I am so happy for you! I can just imagine all the delicious meals and fun activities that will take place in your new kitchen. Your kids had an indoor jungle gym for a few days! The Fiesta ware does look great!

  13. I really like how the color of your dishes pops out of the dark wood!! Enjoy Mother’s Day in your new kitchen πŸ™‚ I’m sure the “jungle gym” could become a part of the house – kids would have fun on it πŸ˜‰ You’re amazing to take on all the remodeling and addition with all your children in the mix – hope it all transpires peacefully.

  14. so fun!! double ovens & dishwashers …. how great is that :)sarah lips – they look painted, they’re so red … maybe its the popsicles, though : ) happy mothers day sweet lady. you’ve been an example through the years – so grateful to ‘know’ you.

  15. So lovely! You will bless your family and others in that beautiful room.I’m inspired to stick to my plan to remodel a wasted space closet in my kitchen this summer.

  16. Wow, it’s gorgeous GORGEOUS!! It looks so big and spacious too, and your island is wonderful!! I love our kitchen redo as well but it is a smallish room, and I love to see other people’s kitchens! πŸ™‚ So so pretty!!

  17. Hello dear Shanda. I dropped in today after being gone for weeks and just “happened” to see the kitchen renovation. You will absolutely love that “trough” sink!!! That’s what my renovation guy called it! With the goose neck faucet and the single sink, you can put huge posts of soup/stew in there to clean easily. I bought a Rubbermaid kitchen wash basin and it saves on the water I use when washing dishes. I love watching remodeling shows and since you’re a friend, this has been more personal for me and I am VERY happy for you!

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