noteworthy weekend happenings

It’s spring break and my five school children have this week off.  I am so happy having them here.  I know that by the end of the day I will be tired and ready for everyone to go to bed, but for now my heart is joyous and I’m ready for it all……messes, meals, reading, walks outdoors, and breaking up the arguments!

Currently…..the livingroom is full of boxes and papers.  I get a bunch of necessities through their automatic subscription program and today we received catfood, Hershey’s cocoa powder, and trash bags. 

My friend Caroline took Ethan to baseball practice and an hour or so later I took Jacob and Lindsey (a neighbor girl) to track practice.  Afterwards, I took Caleb with me to the library and we checked out a bagful of books.  It was so heavy that I gave it to Caleb to carry, without saying anything about the weight of the bag, to see what he would do with the challenge.  He took the bag without complaint and walked along……and said,

“WOW!  I can’t believe that CHILDREN are stronger than ADULT GIRLS!” 

I have Annie’s semi-organic mac and cheese simmering on the stove and I have 15 minutes before I have to go get Ethan, Zachary, Jacob, and Lindsey from practices.

Sarah is looking through the library books on the couch, and Grace is reading my blog on my iphone.

The boys are outside sword fighting with sticks, after I told them to stop doing so in the kitchen with spoons and butter knives.



We polished off two loaves of moist and mild chocolate pound cake this weekend. 

And also a tray of “Top Secret Recipes” Starbucks Cranberry Bliss bars, sans cranberries.



We watched Ethan play baseball, he’s number 8, up at bat.

And here is Zachary (our friend and neighbor) running to second base, after a great hit.

Seth, now four years old, is still the same as he was at 1, 2, and 3, just wanting so very much to also be a baseball player!

When Coach told him to stay behind the fence so he didn’t get hurt, Seth came to me and breathed, “Mom!  Coach just said hi to me!”


This season’s first pansies, sitting next to our side door on an old green plant stand that I bought at Brimfield Antique Show last year.


Rich got more yard work done with the help of his boys.


On the way to church, we realized we were both wearing blue shirts!


So when we got home, we had Davy take our picture.  Caleb snuck into the photo, too.  (making it much cuter)


Caleb is so funny.  He always sits right by me during church and Gary was preaching quite intensely during a part of the sermon yesterday.  Most of us were clapping and/or weeping with joy over what he was preaching……and at just the most intense moment, Caleb leaned over and whispered,

“Mom.  Are the teeth in your mouth all grown-up teeth?”

Date night, and “what my husband does while I am browsing around and trying things on in my favorite shop.”  “zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”


The line is always so long, but we finally tried Pinkberry.  I had the original frozen yogurt with mango, strawberries, pineapple and carmelized almonds.  It was delicious! 



Kids are now eating their mac and cheese.  I was asked “Mom?  Why does food have to have taste?”

“Because it makes life so much more pleasant.”

Happy Monday!

11 thoughts on “noteworthy weekend happenings

  1. That chocolate pound cake sounds so yummy! I’ve been making lots of banana bread lately (pregnancy craving!) and I’m always surprised at how quickly we can go through a loaf! I also realized this Saturday that we are no longer a one-waffle-batch family.I have so missed stopping in and seeing you sweet family and hearing your “voice” Shanda! Looks like spring has come to your neck of the woods and all the fun activities that come with it. I’m looking forward to summer and a slightly slower pace :)Loved the picture of Rich nodding off during you date-night shopping! Justin is always grateful when I choose somewhere that has comfortable seats πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful week Shanda! Oh, I love your header picture, it is so beautiful!

  2. Happy Monday to YOU!! I bet you gave Caleb quite the ego boost with the carrying the heavy load challenge. He seems like such a wonderful little boy! And the teeth question during a great part of the sermon…hilarious!!!He’s so observant! Isn’t it SO fun to have boys who play baseball? I loved those games and watching my boys give their all for the ball. I think your favorite store looks similar to mine (Anthro?) They always have fun, creative goodies and beautiful clothing! Well, enjoy your kiddos this week! In 2 weeks, we’ll be going to Texas to pick up our “baby”. He’ll have finished his freshman year of college. I CANNOT believe it! He’s almost 19 and boy, that went fast.

  3. Love your pansies! They are so pretty. I can’t wait for flowers..we are having the coldest spring this year!Annie’s Mac and Cheese is on our lunch menu tomorrow. ;)Rich is sleeping in Anthropologie I’m guessing? at least it looks like it!Happy Monday to you!

  4. your blog was very refreshing after all that about the bombing in Boston.My son is going to be the soccer coach for my grandson’s team that’s cute-I like to dress a like but hubby said,”we’re not a young couple anymore.” lol

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