(ethan made a raft today)

(I took my magazine outside to read it in the sun and ended up being so entertained by the boys that I grabbed my camera and took pictures instead of putting my feet up.) 

Ethan made a raft today, with the help of his Dad’s power tools, and his little brothers.

He used scrap lumber, and logs from the woodpile.  And lots and lots of nails.


When it was done, it was so hard to move that I think he wished he had built it a little closer to the water.

The rope ended up breaking.

He pushed and pulled.

He finally got it in the pond, and told me he really didn’t think it would float, it was so extremely heavy. 

He pushed it into the water and after all that work and as soon as he got on it, it went under.  

The raft was a little too small for Ethan.

But it was just the right size for Seth.  Ethan got him on it and pushed him “out to sea”.

(which was just what brave Seth was hoping would happen)


The wind was blowing perfectly and he drifted along.



He loved it.



The only thing that disturbed me was the spiders.  I guess the wood pile is full of them, because when the logs started sinking into the pond, the drowning spiders were frightened up on to the raft.  I saw three, which doesn’t sound like much, but it still bothered me.  Seth was oblivious, however.


We watched from the sidelines.

I handed him a long stick to paddle with. 

He started at one end and landed at the other, just as pleased as could be. 

Ethan will have to make a bigger raft next time, if he wants a ride.



And now, for @thia;

I saw the first spring violet today!


16 thoughts on “(ethan made a raft today)

  1. VIOLETS!!!!!! The leaves are just beginning to poke through here, so I guess I’ve got another week or two before I see them here. Thanks for sharing Shanda.Oh…Seth’s trip made me think of Anne’s trip, where Gilbert had to rescue her….

  2. I’d bet if they attached some balls under that raft it would float better??? or tire innertube?? Love that picture of the violet. They are so pretty and my mom has them pop up in her yard. An older lady at church told me once that she and her siblings knew they could go barefoot when the violets started blooming 😉

  3. He probably needs to find some pickle barrels, seal them well, attach them with metal bands around them to the boards above. That would probably sail with the whole family on it! It needs to be balanced in the placement of the barrels, and I understand that metal barrels that are sealed work just as well — and the long metal bands can be procured at a hardware store — possibly even with the tightening screws at the end. I don’t know how detailed he wants to get, but this is a very doable project for a motivated young man — which Ethan appears to be. It would probably be lighter, too, which would be a good thing. Maybe he could even put wheels on it. (Don’t I have the bright ideas this morning?!?!?!?!?!?) I love the pictures, love the family involvement, love this glimpse into the spring break in your corner of the world. Been thinking of you often, Shanda. Blessings for a wonderful time of making memories this week with your growing family.

  4. I just have to say that your kids have the dream childhood! They are so blessed being able to live where they can enjoy the joys of nature that is all around them each day. It does my heart good to see children enjoy life! Such a Tom Sawyer adventure for sure!!! Love the violet, we have tons of snow here in Colorado today and I can’t wait to see color in my yard once again.

  5. @slmret – @Jo – @lynn – You ladies are so smart to think “Tom Sawyer” and I’ll tell you why.  We watched the 1970-something version this past week and the boys liked it so much they watched it a second time before I returned it.  I know they were probably inspired by the story to make their raft!   

  6. @Buckeyegirlie – It’s always so nourishing to hear from you.  Thank you for your raft-making tips.  I know my grandparent’s raft on their pond also had empty plastic barrels underneath.  I’m not sure where to find them but I hope we can.  Yesterday they made another raft with empty buckets, but the lids wouldn’t stay on.  I love you and hope Certain Man is healing nicely.   

  7. @lynn – It was a dream of ours to raise the children amongst trees and water!  They watched a Tom Sawyer movie recently that inspired their raft-making.  Snowing in Colorado?  It’s such a beautiful state, but I’m sure you are looking forward to the warmer temperatures and COLOR!  (that’s what I miss the most, too!)  xoxo

  8. @purpleamethyst76 – Such wonderful inspiration — as I scrolled down to read your comment, I was thinking that the little ones would enjoy hearing Tom Sawyer read to them!  We, too, had a Tom Sawyer memory — a treasure hunt in a mound of dirt that my parents wanted reduced in height — they buried treasure when the mound reached the right height!

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