update on Rich’s Grandma

(summer 2012)


Grandma has been on our hearts for the last few days, as Rich has been keeping in close contact with his family, getting updates.  She is almost 96 years old, and is a sweet and gentle Christian lady who has had a huge impact on Rich’s entire life.  She has had cancer for 4 years and is now in a nursing home.

This is an email that her daughter, Phyllis, wrote to her friends, and sent a copy to Rich.  I found it very inspiring and thought I would share it with my friends here.

 What stands out to me the most is that despite being so old, suffering, and knowing that HEAVEN itself is waiting just around the corner, Grandma is still actively fighting,and doing her best, for each day.


Wednesday morning, about 7:10am, Rob, head of nursing, called me saying Mom was not doing very well, she was having trouble breathing, very anxious and panicking. He said they had ordered liquid morphine and would be starting it immediately. On top of everything else, she had congestive heart failure. 

(summer, 2010)

When I got there they had already started the morphine, she was doing a little better but it was noon before she was able to rest. By that time, she was being given morphine hourly.

(with Seth)

To our surprise, as my Mom often does, around 12:30 Mom looked at me and said, “I better eat something or I will not get better”, believe me, not that she was hungry, what a role model for life. She asked for corn flakes of all things and drank some soup broth, making herself eat. They continued to give her morphine until 7pm at which time she was breathing much better. Ed, Steven and I took turns staying with Mom during the night, and by Thursday, it was a struggle, but she did get dressed and had her hair done after I told her my cousin Dorothy was bringing Mom’s brother and sister-n-law to see her. She was very tired, very weak and super sleepy but so glad to see them.


After they left I went home to sleep for a couple of hours during which time, Dan, Willie’s son, came and sat with her for a few hours. Yesterday, when I got there, she was sitting, wide eyed, smiling and eating regular food and doing much better.

(Rich and his family, with his dear Grandma)

Each episode takes more out of her but she is a real fighter and determined to enjoy every minute of life she is afforded. Only God knows when she will leave us. We have such a large and very close and supportive family, which gives Mom so much to live for. All of Mom’s children and grandchildren have rallied to her side in one way or another, making leaving us something she is not ready to do yet.

~Aunt Phyllis

(Grandma with her namesake, Sarah)


7 thoughts on “update on Rich’s Grandma

  1. She looks like a real jewel!  With my jobs as a CNA I’ve worked with a lot of elderly people, and there’s a dear spot in my heart for them.  Saying a prayer that God would comfort her in this last stage of her life.  Blessings~

  2. You captured wonderful expressions and made the most of the lighting it seems to be in the photo of two Sarahs. It’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing about Rich’s inspirational grandmother.

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