a fine spring day

And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.

William Wordsworth


The temperature climbed to the 60’s yesterday and 10 year old David, who is sprouting long arms and legs these days, walked into the icy pond and grabbed the first turtle of the season.  In the above photo, his hand and my hand are holding it steady for a quick snapshot.  The poor creature was frightened and stayed hidden in his hard shell.



The children put him down and still he did not come out and walk.  The dog was tense with interest.


“What are you thinking about, Dave?”  I asked, noticing the expression on his face as he stood and looked at his catch.

“I’m wondering if it was worth it.”  He said, feeling the freezing cold wetness of his shorts.

I assured him it surely was worth it, after all, catching turtles is on his list of “what makes David happy”!

(And sad will be this mama’s heart when a spring comes and goes without a turtle caught and excitedly brought to me.)


Sarah Joy did some digging, showing me yet another sign of spring, time to start the gardens!



While I was at Jekyll Island last week, my husband drained most of the water from this pond (we have two of them), re-shaped and scraped the edges, and built a dock.  The older boys helped him as much as they could, between school and sports.  Rich labored away, even using an entire cold night to get the project done.  He pumped water from the nearby stream to refill the pond and now we are waiting for it to settle and clear. 


I came home to discover that Rich had found it necessary to “dispatch” our rooster, George.  I very much liked to hear him crow throughout the day, but I am relieved that we can now come and go from the chicken coop without worrying that George will hurt us.  One day last week, when Rich was busy caring for the flock, George snuck around and attacked him.  Unfortunately for George, he picked on the wrong person that time, and soon found himself senseless and deader than a doornail.  *sigh* So sad.  It was bound to happen one of these days and Rich was horrified to think of what the rooster would have done to Seth or Sarah.

The hen house is a now gentler place, but still not quiet, with all the girls gabbing and squawking constantly.

Today, Seth, Sarah, and I spent the whole morning outdoors (with trips inside now and then for drinks and snacks). 

The temperature reached 70 degrees before lunchtime.


The daffodils have been trying to come up for months now and I rejoiced to see the first bloom just this morning.

The children were right with me, so I brought them close to show them.  Seth said this one had paper on it:

I thought it was very observant of him. 


I made the mistake of asking Seth and Sarah which way they wanted to go, “up the road or down the road.”  She chose up, he chose down.

We decided to go down, and then back up.  Seth walked the whole way in bare feet.

The hornet nest that was hanging in a tree by the stream came down, along with the branch it was formed to.  I walked carefully down to pick it up and found a spider.  I told Seth to look but he looked the other way and said, “I don’t want to look!”  I didn’t really want to look either.



She wanted to take her baby on our walk, so I took one of my thin scarves from the closet and wrapped her around with it. 

Sarah is extremely motherly and almost swooned with contentment to carry her baby this way.

(In the above picture, she is being motherly toward a small pinecone.  She didn’t put it down again until she had found a second one, which she explained was “it’s mother”.)




We walked through the woods to the open field and Seth did all his soccer moves.



Sarah sat and watched her brother, then ran around, did a somersault, and never once lost her baby.

After a gloriously fine morning, they were happy to go to their beds to take a nap.

I hung up my (now spiderless) nature find.



And then I went back outside to a blanket with my lunch and my current quick-but oh so delightful- read.

I made chicken salad this morning and it was the best recipe I have tried.  The chicken was marinated in white wine for a day, then baked in the same wine.  It added such a good flavor.  Then I added halved grapes, a small can of mandarin oranges, toasted almonds, and chopped celery.  The dressing was half a cup of sour cream and half a cup of mayonnaise, with a good amount of salt and pepper. 

The other dish is a new broccoli salad recipe from the same cookbook, made with a cooked dressing.


“The snow was soon gone again, and spring really came, with the singing of meadow larks and the sweetness of violets and new grass as all the prairie turned a beautiful soft green.  Laura put Rose in a clothesbasket with her tiny sunbonnet on her head and set the basket nearby while she and Manly planted the garden.”  ~The First Four Years, page 79

14 thoughts on “a fine spring day

  1. What lovely weather! Are daffodils aren’t up yet neither are the crocus. Nor are the violets. Soon though, right? Your lunch looks delish! We’re in the middle of some delightful middle ages reading right now, but I look forward to some L.I. Wilder this summer.

  2. I love all the photos and adore how Sarah carried her baby!!! She is too precious! Rich did a great job on the pond, I’m very impressed! And poor George, but your hens look so happy and healthy and I’m sure glad it was Rich and not one of the kids, too. I enjoy your nature walks, thank you for always remembering to take your camera! BTW, it’s in the 80s here lately! Whew! It’s like we went from Winter straight to Summer!

  3. I think our weather is about the same today! Yesterday was so blustery, I was surprised by the sunny, blue skies today.Love hearing and seeing all that is going on this Spring day on and around the property. Rich is amazing in how able he is with big projects, like the ponds. It looks great! I had to laugh at poor Georges fate at daddy Rich’s hands, it is kind of sad, but so good to think of Rich taking care of his family! The rest of “the girls” are looking so big and healthy! That is so cute to hear how motherly Sara is. She looks so cute! Squeals of surprise and happiness when David realized who his card was from…that was even before opening thanks! He is trying to make some crafts lately. Slow going, but I am glad to see him at work.

  4. Delightful pictures. I especially like the one of Sarah running (or walking) with her hair blowing in the breeze. Rich probably made a wise choice concering the rooster. Several years ago one almost crippled my uncle by messing up a tendon in his ankle.

  5. Such a lovely day. Here it is 43 and rainy. Tomorrow night into Friday snow is in our forecast. I know it is ending soon, it probably won’t stick, so I’m not too down about it..and it does look pretty falling from the sky. Little Sara is so cute with her baby tied around her, so sweet!Your property is so gorgeous.Happy Tuesday to you. =)

  6. Your pictures and the sayings (and doings!) of your children always make me smile! So nice to see Spring showing up. It is slowly taking over Denmark, too! This week is it not supposed to go below freezing, and we have been getting lovely sunshine almost every day! I see little, brave crocus poking through the chilly earth, and the birds are singing away. Spring is so encouraging!

  7. beautiful ~ truly lovely. My children would be jealous of the turtle find. They’ve so been wanting one this spring. Springing after them near the river to come up empty handed. Sarah’s pictures are delight.I’m so glad I had a moment to drop in here this morning.Have a wonderful day!Alyssa

  8. ShandaCan I come live with your family–Promise I won’t eat much. Your blogs are so interesting!!!–Was that nest a spiders nest not a Hornets? Beautiful photos and scenery. Children Bare-footed??? had to be cold

  9. Those photos of Sarah are quite possibly the most precious things I’ve ever seen. They belong in a frame. Or as one of those “painted” photos on canvas. :)Glad to see you’re reading something you enjoy! To answer your question of a few days ago, no I have never read the Anne of Green Gables series. I’ve seen the first couple of movies several times on PBS, but the books are an absolute delight. I’ve gotten to the point where Anne has children on her own. I find myself stealing moments throughout the day for reading…the sure sign of a good book.Blessings!

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