a bed wetting


Hello all, just a quick post to show and tell some stuff in my life that’s making me happy today (except the bed wetting….stay tuned).

First off.  This awesome red knit vest.  This is the story:  Yesterday evening was Ethan’s first baseball game and one of the fellow moms that I’ve met in previous years of baseball games gave Sarah the vest.  She carried it over to me and I could tell right off by the way she had it in both hands that she loved the vest and was saying goodbye.  She gave it to me and asked if I would take it for Sarah.  She made it years ago for her daughter who is now 18 years old.  She told me she had been carrying it around with her for a while, looking for just the right person to give it to.  I’m so happy she picked Sarah!  I hugged her and told her that I loved handmade things, that I thought they were the very best, and I put it on Sarah directly.  Sarah LOVES the buttons and has already learned how to do buttons because of this vest!  Jackie told me that she remembers searching and searching for just the right color red buttons.  Isn’t that just like a crafting mom?  And if you notice, the buttons match the vest perfectly!


So.  I got home from Bible study with much to do.  We had stopped at Target on the way home and I had to put everything away.  I had also run over a bag of chicken feed on the driveway and needed to clean that up.  I sent Seth to the bathroom and put Sarah down for her nap.  When Seth was done he shut the door to the bathroom, I put him to bed and promptly went outside.  I puttered all over the place out there, down to the coop, to the pond to watch the wild ducks that we have visiting us, to the driveway to clean my mess, and then back in the house to tidy the kitchen and put the Target things away.  I was washing the table by the bathroom door when I realized that I could hear water running in the bathroom and I knew from previous experience that the sink overflows when a child doesn’t turn off the faucet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I ran over and opened the door to find it as hot and steamy as a sauna and hot water running and all over the floor.  I had half a mind to wake up Seth and give him what’s for.  Instead, I ran downstairs to discover that *gasp*, there was water coming down like a gentle rain, all over Davy’s bed. 

Sometimes when something like this happens I LAUGH.  There is NO REASON to laugh but it just happens.  I tried not to, but as I was cleaning up I could feel the laughter welling up within me.  It’s a good thing my boys just throw their towels all over the floor after bath/shower time because that was what I used to mop up the lake under the bed.  I got the giggles when I imagined what David would do if I just left his bed the way it was and he got into it that night to find it soaking.  However, I did the right thing and stripped the bed and cleaned up the water.

There is always laundry to do!


I am sooooooooooooooooo enjoying these cleaning products from Target.  Mrs. Meyers may have lost my business.  These cleaners smell wonderful.  Cucumber, Almond, Pink Grapefruit, and Mint, what is not to like?  They actually make me WANT to do my spring cleaning!


Anybody need some eggs?  One of my favorite things to do is stand at the sink and rinse them off after gathering them.  (no I don’t get this many in a day, they are just piling up)


speckles and blues



My daughter Grace is a most wonderful girl.  I took this picture when she came home from school about an hour ago.  I had just made coffee and she reused my Kcup to make herself a weak cup, and as it was brewing she told me the highlights of her day.  She makes me laugh and I love her so much.

She’s currently by my side doing her homework.  She (a devout Christian) said she’s got a test on evolution coming up and that she’s going to fail.  I told her it was always good to know what “the other side” believes.  “I don’t KNOW what the other side believes!”  “Yep.  You’re gonna fail.”  wild laughter.

(p.s.  I should say.  she never fails anything.  she just said that because she doesn’t like having to learn about evolution)



20 thoughts on “a bed wetting

  1. Oh dear, as if you didn’t have a full plate every day with a large family and animals anyways, and now you had a flood. Well, you are such a good gracious woman to not loose it, and to just take care of it methodically and get it done with laughter rather than anger. You are such a wonderful person, and a good role model. When next I ever return to CT (I grew up there) I would love to meet up with you. My 15 yr old loves to see pictures of your chickens. He says one day he wants to hold a chicken and is jealous that I tell him I have back when I was at girlscout camp. We don’t live in a big city, but there aren’t farms right around here either. It’s a beach community. We are more likely to see an alligator or wild fox (we have seen both), than a live chicken. Those cleaning supplies are pretty colors and if you say they smell great too, perhaps if not too pricey, I’ll look for them at Target too.  đŸ™‚

  2. Is she okay with failing? I’d learn the heck of out it and write in large letters “I do not believe this” all over my paper but still give the right answers. That’s why I was never in public school, though. Never had to deal with that stuff.

  3. Haha. Sorry for laughing, but, the water story is funny! I do feel bad for all the clean up you had to do though..that’s not so fun.I love Mrs. Meyers but have been cheating on her and using some Method products lately too. I love their Tomato-Vine dishsoap..it smells SO good! and I am sort of a sucker because of the shape of the bottle. Ridiculous I know, but good marketing that got me hooked! Lol. Oh, and their pear scent! I have hand soap and all purpose spray…it smells so fresh and light.Happy Day to you. =)

  4. @NightCometh – I added to the end of the post so readers know a little more about Grace. She always gets excellent grades…..she would never be okay with failing anything! We tend to joke back and forth that way when we talk. I like your idea! Good one! Very nice that you were homeschooled, too.

  5. wow! what a beautiful response to the bed wetting episode. Seeing as I don’t have kiddos myself yet…I’m not sure I’ve built up that much patience and perspective. Lord willing I will! ( I will have to, now that I think about it! For everyone’s sake!) I’d say that the laughter that came out of you in that moment was the true definition of “the peace that surpasses all understanding.”

  6. Hi Shanda,you still have pretty picturesI like your kitchen roomlittle Sarah is too cute with her dollI see you like the chickensas you like lace?soline

  7. Hope everything is dried out by now! Leaving the sink on must be in the air. Several times I’ve gone into the bathroom lately and the faucet is on. Thankfully nothing more than a trickle as I know if it were more than that…well, obviously we know what would happen then.Enjoy your new cleaners!

  8. I have found myself leaving the sink running a couple times! Thankfully it was just a small amount as I get used to a new faucet. You really had too much of a hand with showers inside! Oh bless you. Love the description of Grace, cute picture too! One of the benefits of your homeschooling years is that “debriefing” you get. At least it worked that way for me, my boys always came home from where ever they went and told me all about it. What a blessing.

  9. Oh, and I will have to check out those products! I need to go to target to pick up a wedding gift tonight Love the little vest. It is sweet to find someone to give treasures to that will appreciate them!

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