nests in the woods for easter


“We speak much of the duty of making others happy. No day should pass, we say, on which we do not put a little cheer into some discouraged heart, make the path a little smoother for someone’s tired feet, or help some fainting robin unto its nest again. This is right. We cannot put too great emphasis upon the duty of giving happiness and cheer to others. But it is no less a duty that we should be happy and cheerful ourselves.”  J.R. Miller



I am a nature-girl.  I adore being outside, I admire sticks, leaves, the smell of dirt.  I love fresh air and seeing my children outside in it, with their cheeks turning healthy pink from good exercise.  So when I read in my book about making nests in the woods to use as “Easter baskets”, I instantly knew we would do it. 

(We don’t normally do Easter baskets at all, so this was an amazing treat for the children!)

I gave the children instructions and made a nest each for Seth and Sarah, in order to demonstrate what they should look like.  Jacob, Ethan, Grace, Caleb, and David got right to work and were almost as talented as real birds.  Ethan gave me a serious hard time about it, but the desire for candy won him over and of course he ended up being the most creative.  He even went so far as to gather feathers from the floor of the chicken coop.

This one was Sarah’s.  I used twigs for the bottom and added leaves and dry pine needles around the top.


Grace lined her nest with moss and ferns.


Jacob’s was neat and tidy, using sticks that he snapped into the proper lengths, and pine needles to line the bottom.



While we made the nests, Sarah hurt her hand.  I thought it was heart-warmingly precious when my 7 year old took care of her.  Love.


We made the nests on Friday and the children had a difficult time waiting until Sunday.  When the day arrived, and we got home from church, I quickly changed my clothes and ran down to fill each of their nests.  I told Rich to bring them down in about 10 or 15 minutes.

I think I was just as excited as they were. 

I almost jumped up and down as I watched them walk to me.



Caleb and Sarah sprinted to their nests.


Seth found a rabbit in his.  When you press the rabbit’s paw he sings “Jesus Loves Me”.  The look on Seth’s face was priceless.



Jacob cracked open one of the Easter eggs in his nest.  It was filled with jellybeans.


Caleb made his nest-creation on a big rock….he was thrilled to find lots of candy.  Since early spring is gray and colorless, I added artificial flowers to each nest. 


Little Sarah carefully bent down to gaze at the wonderful treats left for her.


She also had a singing bunny. 


Ethan found Peeps, chocolate eggs, and jelly beans.  Candy always makes him smile.


Grace’s nest was the hardest to get to.  She was hidden away under a bush, so sweetly, like a little gray rabbit.


This is my very favorite picture of the afternoon.  Davy, with his jacket, bare feet, and blissful *eyes-closed* expression as he enjoys a piece of chocolate.

You can almost hear him saying “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”.

Grace and David were neighbors.





Back in the house, the children got right to work eating up their candy.  Ethan was sick by the end of the day.  None of them have any self control.  sad

Crazy teenagers!  How I love them.  (proud mama)



Even the dog got an egg.  (a hard boiled one).






19 thoughts on “nests in the woods for easter

  1. What a cute idea! I love that. One of my nephews took a huge bite and chewed it and swallowed it, of a hardboiled egg, that had been colored and still had the shell on. He had no idea you had to peel them first! He and his twin brother were adopted by my sister in law and I guess the hadn’t ever worked with those kinds of eggs before! ha.

  2. Love that idea!Yes,Davy looks extremely pleased!Too funny about the teen-agers and candy.  😉  Love how they are laughing together.I’m sure the dog was delighted as well as the kiddos!

  3. You are the sweetest, Shanda!  What a blessing you are to your family.  I love this idea.   Only here there is usually way too much snow yet at Easter.  I guess we could do snow nests. 😉

  4. What a sweet idea. So imaginative and fun. My Daniel was always like that with candy…munch, munch. I feel so old when I say, “my how they have all grown!” , but they have!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello!
    This is a fun idea! I love Eastery things outdoors!
    The quote about bringing cheer to others made me think of you. Your friendship is a bright spot in my day 🙂

  6. Oh, I LOVE that idea! What a special treat for your kids! I love Grace’s little hideaway! My teenage boy would have the same lack of control and always felt sick later. He must get that from me. I have lost all control, especially with pretzel M&Ms. !

  7. That is such a neat idea!!!!  I love it!  How creative!  And I have no self-control when it comes to chocolate, either.  Sometimes I can’t believe you have teenagers, you are so youthful yourself.  You have such a beautiful family!

  8. hi shanda…….nests in the woods for easter?  now that is the best idea ever!!!  i just love all the inspiration you share.  thank you, firiend.

  9. I love your family. You are so wonderful in many ways. Each time I read of some adventure of yours from a home-made craft project together, to all coming together to rescue the family in the car accident, my heart fills with happiness. I am so glad you share your stories, and your wonderful photographs. Thank you.

  10. Love this idea and will have to try it next year! You are such a good mama. Thank you for sharing your life with us.BTW, I’ve been reading all the Anne of Green Gables books. I got 12 (I think there’s 12) on my Kindle for 99 cents. What delightful, fun reading! What are you reading these days?

  11. @weedorwildflower – Oh, the Anne books are some of my all-time favorites.  Have you read them before?  I used to read the whole series once a year, and usually in the springtime.  I am currently reading a Charlotte Bronte book (Villette) which has been hard to get into, and The First Four Years, by Laura Ingalls Wilder. 

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