birthday cake and presents


I made my cake myself, in case you didn’t guess. 

I sent my brother Dave a text-picture of it and he replied, “It ain’t no lie!”  LOL

I took my chances, guessing that Rich was leaving work to go shopping for my gifts, and sent him a message saying, “I’m sure you’ve already got my presents, but just in case, what I really want are some pretty houseplants and a snowflake necklace”


***exactly what I wished for, and more!***

When he got home, I asked him to take a picture of me with my cake.  Of course he got the picture HE wanted, first.

The husband, and seven out of seven children also agreed, that the cake was no lie.

I LOVE my necklace, I have a special interest in snowflakes, because they are a clear demonstration of God’s art, such tiny and exquisite design went into each and every snowflake and no two are alike.  If you live in the Northern climates, or meditate on all the billions of snowflakes that fall, and melt, each year…it just fills you with awe.

He went to a jewelry shop and found the necklace and also a pair of earrings, too.  They were both in boxes and wrapped in silver paper, with a bow.  I tore into them like an excited child.

And the plants!  It is a sweet, romantic thought, imagining him at the Home Depot, considering the plants and choosing these.  He said the lady at the checkout praised him.

He even brought home dinner.

We were so full after the pizza that it was actually hard to find room for my delicious cake.

Seth and Sarah were on my lap last year, and I wanted them on my lap this year, too.

(someday they will not fit) 

We put three candles on the cake, and I was lucky to get that many.  Rich had to search for them.  heart

Who you cannot see in this picture, surrounding me, and singing for me:: Jacob, Ethan, Caleb, Rich, & Grace

I love our birthday celebrations….such fun, laughter, teasing, craziness, sugar….

Let Mom blow out her own candles!

I had a lovely day, it ain’t no lie!

Thank you for your well-wishes, I think I have the nicest friends in the world.


“May you walk through the world and know it’s beauty all the days of your life.”  Apache blessing


0 thoughts on “birthday cake and presents

  1. Oh I hope you manage to keep those plants alive !!! I always manage to kill mine:(You are pretty wise to make the romantic sort of happen:) I guess that guarantees something warm and loving will happen on your birthday…Happy happy birthday my friend!!

  2. Oh, this is so sweet! Happy Birthday to you! The cake looks yummy! And the pizza is gigantic.Oh, I bet you were very excited with those gifts. I love the plants/flowers – I guess I`ll be happy to have those.My friends gave me orchids the last year birthday and I got eight of it just because my husband told them I am a fan of orchids. They all came with the same gifts at the party! LOLYou are so blessed in so many ways, my friend … Did you realize that? hehe …

  3. Plants! What an excellent idea! Would you mind, a some point, sharing your icing recipe? I’m guessing that you made the icing you wrote the letters in? Store bought it wearing it’s welcome out here and it’s so difficult to squeeze out and I usually make a mess of it. I started buying candy letters, but I’m tired of those too.

  4. It ain’t no lie for sure! You make me smile. I read the post to David and he was laughing. We loved it and all of you! I want to see closeups of your necklace and earrings please! Such pretty, bright plants Rich picked out! Wonderful! So fun knowing where he got that pizza!

  5. You and my son share a birthday! What a wonderful day to be born. Love the cake. I think I might make myself one just like it when my birthday comes in August. Happy Birthday…wishing you good friends, good health, and lots of laughter.

  6. Your birthday sounds fabulous! And it makes me glad to know that you celebrated it with the most important people and with the most important things – love, happiness, family :)And yes, someday, they will not fit, so its great that you took a picture to remind them that they were once so little.

  7. I don’t know how I missed your birthday….it looks like you had a wonderful day ! I LOVE your cake..I’m gonna remember that this year when my day approaches! (o:I think of you so often during my days as I walk past my still beautiful…and so lovingly made….hand blownglittery eggs. I treasure them so much because I know the sacrifice and love they were made with! Thank you!Blessings to you for a year full of wonderful moments and happy memories!!!

  8. @sep1 – So good to hear from you again!  I remember making those eggs….I haven’t done any since that time, so I think I may work on some this spring!  I’m so glad you are still enjoying them.  Much love to you!

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