pink tie

0 thoughts on “pink tie”

  1. I always tease the men at work about ordering the pink drinks…I tell them it takes a real man to embrace that color 😉 that is a beautiful tie, I hope it wears it with pride. and I hope you have a great day loving on each other my dear 😉

  2. My husband has a long pink shirt and he wore even a darker pink tie to along with it. It looks good on him as he wore a very dark suit on it and he looks fashionably up-to-date with it and I love it. If it happens that one or two of his colleagues tease him on it, he would reply cooly to them by saying that PINK IS THE NEW SEXY! hehe … Happy Valentine, Shanda!

  3. Pretty!  Pretty!  I think the question should be…could you get your husband to wear it with a shirt made from the pattern you placed everything on.  How lovely….:)In regards to your question….most likely no.  But I LOVE the tie.

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