Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. psalm 37:4

My Mom and Dad were here on Saturday.  We celebrated Seth’s birthday and Christmas, because my family was sick for the majority of December, and January was too full of other things.  How fun to be still Christmasing!  Jacob was given new gloves, Ethan a new shirt.  Grace a journal and a bookmark, David got stacking cups, Caleb got pretend snakes and a book about snakes, Seth received trains and a train carrier, and Sarah was happy with her Princess dishes and trains, too.  Rich and I had a bag of goodies to share and that is what we gave to my parents, too.  It’s fun to just fill a gift bag up with little things you know that person will enjoy. 


For his birthday, dear Seth received a new game from his grandma and grandpa.  It’s so cute.  It’s called “Where is the Sock Monkey”.  It came with a little sock monkey that one person hides somewhere in the house, and a game board with cards that give hints about where it could be hiding.  There is a timer to flip over when it’s time to “Go Look”.  Seth loved it, but could not let anyone find the monkey when it was his turn to hide it.  He gave it away every time, in his great excitement.

One of the things the boys really wanted to do with Grandpa was play basketball, so even though it was quite cold outside, Dad went out to shoot some hoops.

He also spent a lot of time with Jacob, outside in the garage, drumming.  It is an interest they both share and it was good for Jacob to have personal “Gramps Time.”

I baked Seth’s birthday cake and Mom did the frosting and decorating entirely herself.  It turned out marvelously.

Mom and I took Grace downtown to visit some shops, which was a lot of fun.  So we girls also had some time to enjoy each other’s company.

They had to leave Sunday morning.  (They live about 3 and a half hours away)  We hope to get together again soon.

Sarah has been sick with a fever and very, very cranky and needy.  I took her to the Doctor’s on Friday and her ears were fine (always check those, right?) but had a scratchy throat and post nasal drip (but oddly enough, I never had to actually wipe her nose) so Doc said it was a cold-thing (my translation).  The fever took days to break and today has been the first day she hasn’t had it.  But still, so very grumpy at times.  She is also cutting molars.  (ugh)  I do enjoy the snuggling, but at times when I cannot hold her she is left on her own and gets rapidly more and more demanding and weepy.  She needed this.  She needed that.  Today’s traumatic experience was THE WASHING OF THE BLANKIE.  Even Seth knows she isn’t the same without it.  They were playing together earlier, and he came to me to ask, “MOM, Sarah’s CRYING….is her BLANKIE DONE YET?”  (so sweet)

It is easiest to deal with the little ones if they are given undivided attention, so I sat on the floor upstairs and we read and sang together for a long time.

It’s the dearest little song book from the 1950’s with music notes for each song’s melody.  How thankful I am for my “sight-singing” training I received in High School chorus.

“Our home is such a happy place, we’re busy all the day,
There’s so much work for us to do, so many games to play.

Our house is such a happy place, the nicest place I know,
We work together every day, to help to make it so.”

Some of our favorites:

Yesterday, Seth found a Bible story book for children and asked, “Is this the Nothing but the Blood of Jesus book?”

(Nothing but the Blood of Jesus is his favorite song right now, is that just too much or what?!)

It wasn’t, it was a book about Kings.  So then he asked, “Is the Lord’s army in it?” 

I made my daily morning trek to the chicken coop, with a bowl of kitchen scraps.

They all seemed to enjoy the old cantaloupe/milk/breakfast cereal/old bread combination this morning.

It’s funny to watch them.  Some get all possessive of their piece of food and run off with it to hide and eat it alone.  Several hens raced by me to get away from the others.

Here is Miss Tender and Delicate, who prefers only Mama, and adores me so.  I also adore her and am thankful for a little one who loves to be in my lap.  Or in my bed.  Or in my bathroom watching me put on make up, or in the kitchen perched on the counter watching me bake.  (yes, she is where I am and goeth where I goeth).

I recently discovered that she and Seth call this shirt her “Jesus Shirt”.  I am not sure why, as when I ask I am only answered with complete SILENCE.  (Like, “It’s too obvious, do you really need to ask?”)

She asked to wear her Jesus Shirt today.

I am working on a new journal page in my Daybook.  See the magazine snippet with the words, “the art of delight”?  I found a perfect verse to put in that blank spot next to them.

“But the meek shall inherit the land and delight themselves in abundant peace.” Psalm 37:11  (can’t wait for that day)

I wrote on myself today, as a reminder.  “Quietly” definitely does have spiritual meaning to me personally, but it also reminds me to keep my voice low (my throat hurts).  heart

Not always an easy thing to do around here. 

Isn’t it a wonderful thing that Jesus understands us?  I find that so comforting.  I have been working on my Bible Study lesson and this verse stood out:  “For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses.”  Hebrew 4:15

it reminded me of this other favorite:

“For He Himself knows our frame; He is mindful that we are but dust.”  Psalm 103:14

These are verses that comfort me when I fall short of what I so truly want to be, as His child. 

HE UNDERSTANDS!  and forgives.



Have a wonderful Tuesday, my friends! 

((you are loved))



0 thoughts on “quietly

  1. Good Morning and Happy Birthday to Seth and Merry Christmas to all. I love your great professional photographs of your beautiful family. I sure love the Christ centered emphasis with Christian songs and scripture—very nice for an old man to see. frank

  2. I’m missing the reason that PeterPan is her Jesus shirt also. Oh well, one day they may confide in you and you can share it with those of us slow on the uptake.I recognize many of the books as ones I read to my kids too. Reading is wonderful, at any age. I’m glad you got to share birthday/Christmas celebration with family. BTW I like how my cursor on your page becomes a piggy so I had the little swine running around b/w the basketball players and in the fields at the top of the hymnal. Speaking of which, though I think it’s sweet that your child loves the song Nothing but the blood of Jesus, it has just the opposite effect on my youngest. He cries at that song and therefore doesn’t like it. He hates to be reminded of how bad Jesus was treated. But aren’t we all thankful that he endured it, for us? Yes, amen.Have a great rest of the week.

  3. This is the second time today income across the verse on different blogs/sites “Delight yourself in The Lord and he shall give you the desires of your heart”It’s been an emotional past few days for me so I find it Interesting to bump into that verse again and again. HmmmI loved this post! So beautiful and you make me laugh at times too with the way you describe the silly things the kids do.Hope Sarah feels better soon and you mange to stay quiet for your throats sake:)

  4. I love the birthday cake!!! And the Critter series is one of my all time favorites. I’m still collecting them all for Aiden. I need the bad dream one as he’s been having some sleeping trouble and I think he scared/having bad dreams and the night light casts odd new shadows that seem to spook him more than if he just didn’t have a light on at all. We’ve been talking about “scary” stuff and that it’s normal, etc.It looks a great time with your family and celebrations! And I love your Daybook!!! And of course, as usual, I love all the photos and updated on your lovely chickens, I so look forward to the day when we will have some of our own again.

  5. I write a little something on my hand a lot. It does help me through the day and its a good reminder to ponder what was brought out in my bible reading! Yesterday I wrote “love one another” It was so helpful as I had a stressful day at work!

  6. I always admire your life as a mother, my friend. To see how you manage the family and the many activities around and outside the house is my kind of life as well. But by looking at someone`s blogs reminded me that I am not the only one! hehehe …It is good to see the family quality time and that grandparents is always the best! Right? The cake looks good there! Sorry that your girl was so ill – my 2 year old Amanda was ill the whole week too, and with me as well. She was all that crampy, moody, whinny and she keeps on nagging needing everything – I have my patients, but there are times it is enough, you know. And now, she is getting well but the coughing is still that strong which keeps her awake with cries in the night. I wish I can take away all the pain for her, but then I know I can`t.So, this is life, huh?You take care! *HUGS*

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