0 thoughts on “happy birthday seth

  1. I went back to your posts from four years ago, Shanda, and WOW! What incredible fun that was! And you were making corn bags and giving them away — to AlaskaHannah, no less! And you were still preggo on the first set of blogs that I looked at, but I went on to the next set and there was the story of Seth’s birth, a short blog by Papa, informing us that he was here — all just so sweet! That was before I was following you blog, but I loved getting filled in.Happy Birthday to Seth! He looks like a strong, healthy boy, and I can tell his family is very happy to have him. Four year olds can be sore trials for siblings, but so much fun, too. Blessings to the Birthday boy and his family.

  2. hi shanda…….four years just flew by indeed!  i started reading your wonderful blog just a few months before he was born.  happy birthday, seth!

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