eggs on the counter



It is fun to play with the eggs my sixteen hens leave for me in the coop.  I bring them in the house, wash and dry them, and arrange them in bowls and cartons to maximize their beauty.  Sometimes I would rather leave them all in the bowl than eat them up – but we do that, too.

I wonder to myself, why dye the eggs when they already come in such pleasing shades?

Oh, yes…..“teach us delight in simple things”  Rudyard Kipling

0 thoughts on “eggs on the counter

  1. Your eggs are so pretty! We once dyed eggs with natural colors from onion skins and greens and they were those sorts of colors! Just like wearing makeup…little ones have the perfect rosy lips and cheeks already.

  2. @purpleamethyst76 –  Something I think you would like, if you do it that way. We collected leafs, ferns and tiny flowers and put them on the eggs, holding them in place with a cut piece of nylon stocking, and then dipping them in the natural dye. In addition to onion skins we used purple cabbage, and something for green, maybe spinach? They did have to sit in the mix overnight I think. But they were more fairy/forest looking

  3. it would be interesting to see how it works to have hens and how many eggs they produce…the in and out of “henning” for us city folk

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