from this busy day




Hello from the zoo!

I mean, from my house!

The children were all home today because there was such wind last night that there were power outages.  Thankfully, we never lost power here and it was a gorgeous day outside, a splendid and unexpected treat to have a day off from school.  A gift, really.



My thoughts were to try and keep them doing constructive things and not allow them to spend too much time in front of the TV or computer.

It was a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry busy day, full to the brim.

I had a lot of fun photographing some of the best moments. 



They played baseball.

painted pictures

David baked a chocolate cake.

We all ate the cake.

listened to music

did french homework

took a nap (Parker LOVES stuffed animals)

David made a jump rope.

the sun actually came out

Jacob played his drums.

The boys fought with light sabors.

And pretended to die.

Sarah didn’t approve of lunch.

The stream is overflowing.

gathered eggs

Caleb found a dead bird and wanted me to see it so I let him take my camera to photograph it.  (anyone know what kind of bird this is??)


Grace is reading Sherlock Holmes.

We got the bikes out.

Guess what Caleb is yelling?


Seth had the best day ever, with so many brothers at home and such a nice weather day.

The older three played basketball. 

The UPS man dropped off a big box, containing a new whisk and pans!  I am especially looking forward to using my new sandwich bread pan.

There was an immediate fight over the box.  Seth won.

Caleb and yours truly

Guess what?  I hung clothes on the line!  (two loads!)

Grace and I had tea with organic honey.


We tried watching a movie but half way through the disc wouldn’t work.  David was VERY disappointed and wouldn’t get over it til I made him to go bed.

There were many problems brought to me involving not sharing, or wanting a turn, or someone getting hurt by someone else, or what have you. 

Non stop noise and chaos, messes everywhere.

Sarah needing more snuggles than usual and hating the wind outside.

Problems with attitude and obedience.  Many opportunities to teach, correct, train.

No time to do anything but be available to the children, or clean, or laundry.

The hours flew by.

They say that someday I’ll miss these days.

I’m certain I will.



0 thoughts on “from this busy day

  1. sounds like a busy but very good day. and, from the looks of things, it must have been relatively warm there!? shorts in January? yes, i know, we had a day or so of that here this week and now? we are back in the 20’s. snow on tap for the weekend too.happy night to you Shanda!

  2. hi shanda…….love everything about this post and love how you make the most of every day.  what a blessing you are to your family.  and what a blessing your family is to you!

  3. enjoyed this post. looks like a fun full day! thanks for the encouragement / example of being a good mom to your kiddos. i love how you try to enjoy each moment!

  4. The funny thing is I don’t think kids remember those days as much as the parents do. I love me a good cup of tea with honey though I find it funny that they sell organic honey since it’s made by bees and they get it from pollen. Trying to figure out how they categorize it as organic since it would be hard to keep bees away from flowers that were sprayed with pesticides unless they just fed them sugar water.

  5. Looks like Parker likes his boys as well as stuffed animals Wonderful full day. Loved all the pictures and the fun, family, mess, clean – 2 loads!, baking and everything. LIFE

  6. oh these crazy beautiful days!! even though we don’t always feel it.. i’m sure we WILL miss them! i looked at ethan’s french homework for a long time – – the kids have to take it here. it’s mandatory. and there’s french on everything.i’m forever flipping the boxes of cereal and such around trying to find the english!! ;))happy friday dear~

  7. Looks like a very full day! I remember when little old ladies would tell me, “these are the best years of your life.” I think we have all heard that — often when someone has a dirty diaper and someone else has snot bubbles, and someone has lost a shoe…. yeah. But, you know, now I know they were right. I think sometimes you only see it later. Sometimes I wish I had stopped and savored the moments more. I think you do that, and it’s great that you do!

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