0 thoughts on “flowers”

  1. Awww, so sorry about Spot. I have been reading books that are set with Beatrix Potter and the community around Hill Top Farm. It is fun that the animals talk to one another in the books. I enjoy the small community life portrayed.

  2. So sorry about Spot. =( We love Beatrix Potter around here. I think Hunca Munca is my favorite, I think. ;)My sister just gave me a movie to watch, Miss Potter. It’s the story of Beatrix Potter’s life.It was slushy and rainy here yesterday…61 degrees! Crazy for January. Today we have snow and tonight below zero temps.I like your frozen fruit, very pretty. Fun idea.I think I’ll try that with my girls in the next day or so.Hope you have a better day today.

  3. Sorry about your loss. When someone loves an animal it really is a loss to see them go:( hope you all will feel back to normal soonYour a busy mama and u even rememebered the wrapping paper!! Pod job! I often forget:)There is a birthday here too… My husbands. Dinner and movie tonight!

  4. It is a sad time when you have to say good bye to a very loved pet. I am sorry for this ache you feel in your heart. I have felt it, too. Your Winter decoration is so pretty! I thought maybe I would try it, but then I remembered that we live in an upstairs apartment, and that whatever I put in mine will end up dropping into the first floor neighbor’s yard! So… guess not. So sweet of your lovely husband to bring his sad girls flowers. Blessings and a hug

  5. I’m so sorry about your kitty. He looks like he was a lovely cat. Many hugs! I love the nerf bullet on Grace’s dresser. Those things have a way of popping up everywhere, don’t they? I can’t believe Seth is turning four already. Where does the time go? And your ice/fruit creation is so pretty, the colors are so vivid. So bright on this dreary day (here, winter is coming back)

  6. I am so sorry about Spot. We recently had to put our precious cat Maxx to sleep. He was 15 years old. So, so hard and I miss him. I didn’t go to the Vet, my husband did. It’s so hard to lose a precious part of the family. Blessings.

  7. Dear, I am so ill by the time I reached your place – got stomach bug for nearly a week. Now, cannot sleep, I pass by to read on everyone`s blogs and just realized this sad news of your cat. I hope that the kids are quite strong and very brave on this because I know I was hell sad when my cat died when I was a kid … You take care! And HUGS the kids too!

  8. so sorry about the loss of “spot.” and when i read that your grandfather gave this cat to you…i realize spot was more than special. like a little tangible connection to someone you love as well.

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