a (love) quote I like

When and man and a woman with significant spiritual and psychological affinities

encounter each other and fall in love,

if they have evolved beyond the level of problems and difficulties,

if they are beyond the level of merely struggling to make their relationship ‘work,’

then romantic love becomes the pathway

not only to sexual and emotional happiness

but also to the higher reaches of human growth.

It becomes a context for a continuing encounter with the self,

through the process of interaction with the other self.

Two consciousnesses, each dedicated to personal evolution,

can provide an extraordinary stimulus and challenge to the other.

Then ecstasy can become a way of life.

“Romantic love is not a myth waiting to be discarded, but, for most of us, a discovery waiting to be born.”


Nathaniel Branden




I have come to the thankful realization that our marriage truly has evolved through the years and lately it’s just been so sweet, so settled, so rock-solid.  I love hearing from him during the day, planning for his return after a long workday, knowing the magic of my touch to soothe him, his whispers into my ear, the snuggles at the end of the day, the looks across the room.  I know what it is like to weep silent, secret tears of deep, deep love as I rest at night, in his strong arms.

I love him so very much, and it feels so good and right, to pour my strength and passions into him, our home and family, and all areas of our relationship.



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