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Hannah brought a favorite family recipe with her so she could make dinner for us.  First, she simmered two chickens in water to cover.  When they were tender, she turned off the stovetop and took them out of the pot to let them cool.  Meanwhile, she mixed up a batch of homemade noodles and let them dry slightly, on a cookie sheet.

Once the chicken was cool enough to handle, she picked all the meat off the bones, resulting in a nice big bowl of meat.

She skimmed the fat off the broth and adjusted the seasonings with chicken bouillon, & salt.

Once the broth was back to boiling, she dropped the noodles in, and added the chicken.

She made a big pot of fluffy mashed potatoes and we ate the noodles and broth in bowls, on top of the potatoes.  The meal was a labor of love, and pure, filling, comfort food.  She left me with her noodle recipe, so I can make them myself.  You can try them, too.


Hannah’s Noodles

4-5 eggs, slightly beaten
add 1/2 tsp salt,
1/4 cup butter, room temperature
stir in flour-stiff enough (but not too stiff!) so it won’t stick to hands (about 2.5 cups)-add gradually
roll out dough, 1/4 at a time, VERY VERY THIN, add flour so it doesn’t stick
roll up, slice

Lay noodles out on cookie sheets to dry.

Add to boiling broth, a few at a time.



15 thoughts on “homemade noodles

  1. Last time I made them, I accidentally let the flat pieces dry a few minutes before I rolled and cut them. It worked great. Timing is crucial. If you let them dry too long then they don’t roll but just break apart. I had left them drying on an old-fashioned cotton dish towel……the plain white kind, not the fluffy kind you dry your hands on.

  2. Oh my … I haven`t done that for a long time. I have a machine to make noodle and it makes a perfect form. I does tasted different than those that are in the plastic package because it is made fresh. But now, I have been too lazy to do any noodle because of the time it consume as I was also preparing meal in an hour or two everyday. Those look soooo yummy!

  3. I love homemade noodles. I always make them when I make chicken and dumplings (the old fashioned way :)) I usually make those larger – but these noodles sound delicious, too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oooooh, thanks for the recipe! I made noodles once before, and loved them, and these look easier to make. I never thought of rolling up the dough before slicing, that’s what makes it look easier. Sarah

  5. Thank you for sharing your time with us.   It is wonderful to be able to watch your hospitable gifts in action.  The trip to New York was fun!   How wonderful it must feel to accomplish the task of tackling the big city!  I am proud of you.   If I was with you, I too would have had an Amercican Girl bag:)  The noodles look wonderful. It is nice to have a meal made for the family isn’t it.  Thank you for your sweet comment.  Yes, the girls are all mine and a little sister who would  like to join them too:) And a big brother who is very talented also.  The girls were so excited to see your comment.  We visit your family often and enjoy the snow!Blessings my friend!

  6. Sooooo interesting! What is it called? I mean, I have never heard of putting soup on top of mashed potatoes and I always bake my chicken, is it a cultural thing? I love trying new food and really want to make this! It looks so good!

  7. oh yes, chicken n noodles on top of mashers! My mom used to make a casserole with leftover Thanksgiving homemade stuffing, mashers, noodles n gravy 🙂 This recipe looks easy enough.

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