NYC pictures

On Saturday I took my friend Hannah, and my daughter Grace to New York City.  Never would I have thought that I would be brave enough to venture into New York as the woman in charge….but I have encouraging friends (Kathy and my husband) who were convinced that all would be well, so away we three quiet country ladies went — to see the hustle and bustle of the city.

We drove to New Haven, CT, got on the train there, and rode it into Grand Central Station. 


The first picture I took was (for my brother, David) of the ceiling at this big, bustling place.

The ceiling over the Main Concourse, with its famous mural of the stars, is one of Grand Central Terminal’s most famous features. However, eagle-eyed visitors will notice that the zodiac on the ceiling is depicted backwards. 

Some have speculated that this was a mistake by the artist, Paul Helleu. The real reason, according to official documents, is that the painter was inspired by a medieval manuscript that showed the heavens as they would have been seen from outside the celestial sphere.  source::


My friend Hannah is from Alaska, and this was her first trip to the city.  I think it was an amazing experience for her.

This is her first reaction of it all, coming out of Grand Central and onto the streets::: (love this smile!)


It was Grace’s first trip to the city, too. 

(It was my fifth).







We ate a fantastic lunch at Rock Center Cafe.  The ice skating rink was just outside, and we could see the skaters as we ate.

We all indulged in big, juicy hamburgers::



Times Square





We had a coffee break in Starbucks, Times Square……

And admired the beautiful bookstore.


We spent all our time walking, people watching (people watching is the best!), going into neat shops, and finding souvenirs for Hannah to take home to her children. 

Being “country mice” we all three were in agreement.  The city is a great and exciting place to visit, but we wouldn’t want to live there.

It was a wonderful day and a memory that we will always cherish.  All in all, we actually experienced just a very tiny fraction of all this place has to offer.  However, now that I know I can do it on my own, I think I can see many more NYC adventures in my future.   


“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” Eleanor Roosevelt


0 thoughts on “NYC pictures

  1. looks like you all had fun. I am a beach city mouse, so I agree, fun to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there! I once toured the city with my sister, Cathy, who lived there. It seems like I went to a different city than when I went with Bob and David…I think you could say that for quite a few visits, depending what you see! It is nice you have the ability to just see a bit at a time by making several visits!

  2. oh, this looks like sooo much Fun Shanda!! what a perfect thing to do with your friend from the other side of the country too!! i’m sure it’s an experience you will all treasure for forever.Tim and i have just talked about it that we can’t believe we’ve never gone there together. these pictures make me want to all the more!i hope your week gets off to a great start!♥

  3. What a great day! Hannah looked so happy and excited in that first picture of her 🙂 I’m not one who loves trying to navigate through big cities, I’d much rather be a passenger. Good for you for being brave! Grace is looking more and more like a young lady each day I think…PS- that burger looks insanely good!!

  4. FINALLY I was waiting for this!!!! I was happy to see how many photos you posted so that I could feel like I was there as well. Super cute purse! Love the first picture! It must have been so much fun to be her tour guide, being that she has never been there! -JO

  5. I’ve been to NYC a few times as well. Always fascinating, and I’m always happy to come home to the country peace and quiet. Loved your pictures. Looks like you had a lovely time.

  6. You are brave. I have never been to NYC, and probably never will be. Oh, I take that back. I just rememberd; about 30 years ago I met my mom in NYC and we flew to Spain to visit my brother. I landed in one airport, took a bus to the other one, and left. The bus did not take us through the best part of town.

  7. I love NYC! We visited it often when our daughter lived there. I love all the hustle and bustle. I love all the variety of sights and people. I DID NOT love the traffic, though! I am with you. It is a great place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there. Looks like you had an amazing time.

  8. We would like to take a bus tour there some day ~ not sure it will happen, but we dream.  Don’t think we would ever be brave enough to try it on our own.

  9. How wonderful that since Hannah is on this side of the country you took her to NY for a new experience. Thank you for sharing these. I love the picture looking up the flag poles with the building there, but I also really like the one of Grace standing alone, looking so grown- a girl against the city(with the swatch bldg to the right). And my what a big burger that was. I hope it was delicious.

  10. hi shanda…….what fun!  and could that burger look any more deliciously tempting?   like you, i’m not the most comfortable being in charge.  we are close to chicago like you are close to NYC.  i’ve been to chicago several times, but not with me in charge!  i’m so proud of you for taking them!

  11. I was just a little older than Grace when I went to NY City for the first time. . . I will never forget! My dad decided to be his own taxi! 🙂 What a fun time it looks for you all! I was reminded just this week through some relationship how good God is to give us friends. :)BlessingsAlyssa

  12. love this post, shanda! that first pic is amazing.. architect just awes me! very cool.what a wonderful memory for you three to have together.i’ve heard the american girl store there is just insane -like 4 stories high or something!my emma would go nuts!someday i want to stand right on that street corner with all those signs and billboards behind me!! :))fun fun~

  13. It looks like such a fun adventure. I really love all your pictures. The one with the building and flag I love but I also love the one of grace standing in the street. I’ve wanted to go to NYC for ages but it’s never worked out….some day 🙂

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