the first green egg

the latest news from shanda’s henhouse

Most of you may know that I have chickens.  These days, I have been busy raising our second flock (the first one was wiped out by raccoons) and eagarly awaiting the egg-laying stage.  On December 12, I excitedly found the first four brown eggs.   But now I want to let you know (in case you’re interested in such things) that my Ameraucanas are beginning to lay. On December 29, I almost stepped on the first green egg.  It was right in the middle of the chicken coop floor, quite impossible to miss.  Eggs are usually put in secret places, and so I wonder if Hen was flaunting this, her first lovely offering?

These pretty eggs are my favorite.  For now, we are only gathering one a day so I try not to use them up too fast; in this way I always have several to look at in the midst of all the browns. 


Happy Wednesday, friends!


0 thoughts on “the first green egg

  1. @weedorwildflower – I hadn’t either, until I ordered chicks for the very first time and read about them.  They are also known as “Easter Egg Chickens”…. I couldn’t believe my eyes (green eggs!)  and just knew I had to have them in my flock!  In this new flock I also have some hens that are supposed to lay a very dark brown colored egg.  .  We’ll see!

  2. My sister has raised these in the past; our nephew and his family raise them now ~ just love buying eggs from them with the different shades of green and aqua eggs amidst some brown ones ~

  3. Green eggs and ham…a classic! Danny’s sister was raising chickens and we got a kick out of how the eggs gradually became bigger! Sadly, a bobcat made a meal of the poor chickens, one at a time!

    As a fellow hen-house keeper I know how exciting this is! It’s too cold here in MN for the ladies to be laying much. We only get 1 egg a day or none out of 7 chickens.
    so pretty

  5. What a happy beautiful sight!! That lone green egg is splendid 🙂 Our chickens stopped laying. I hope it’s not permanent! Do chickens have dry spells? One of these days I’m going to make a list of all the chicken related questions I have and I’m going to pester you with all of them :)I’ve so missed you Shanda! This forth pregnancy has been “interesting” so far, but I’m feeling better and looking forward to getting back to the things i love… like reading friend’s blogs!

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