Hello friends, how is your day going?

I had an odd thing happen to me this morning.  I was in the bathroom, helping Sarah go potty (yeah, we are potty training. again.) and she started talking to me in her high-pitched, sympathetic tone of voice.  “Oh!  Do you have a boo-boo, Mom?”  She was gazing sadly at my arm as I pulled up her little jeans.  “Can I kiss it?  Let me see it!”  I gave her my arm, wondering where this “boo boo” was, and she took it in her soft hands and turned it and ……. kissed my dry, wrinkled elbow!

I’m hideous!

I’ve been chuckling over it all morning.

I found a cool thing at that antique store I told you about on Monday.  Yes, I mainly came away with books, but I also found something that I decided to hang up in Seth’s room.  It’s a “Wild Animals of Britain” wall hanging.  He was thrilled to see it.  I had to iron it first and then find tacks.  We found three tacks and then I started looking in the junk drawers in the kitchen for a fourth.  I got so annoyed by those dang drawers filled with stuff that I took them all out and dumped The contents in one big pile on the floor.  All morning, whenever I had a free moment, I sat down to sort and throw away the little odd bits of junk that my family has accumulated.  And now, happily, I’m all done with that chore, the drawers are all EMPTY and the floor is CLEAN and swept.  Feels good.  Like the house lost weight. 

Here’s Seth’s new wall hanging (printed on “irish linen”–go figure–)

Isn’t it so very quaint?  I love the green background color, too.  He pointed to the animals and named them.  I told him the ones he wasn’t sure of “weasel, badger, hedgehog” and corrected his speech; “box” is actually a “FOX”.

Seth is growing and learning and changing.  My heart is so very pleased with his latest interest in Bible stories.  We take him to Sunday School and church each Sunday, and he also has a class to go to while I am in Bible Study on Wednesdays.  He has learned many stories from the Bible and I think they are wonderful for him because they are so adventurous.  This week he learned about Daniel and the Lion’s Den and how God shut the lions’ mouths so that they couldn’t bite him.

On Sunday, he thought about Jesus dying on the cross, a lot.  I don’t know whether to smile or sigh about all the times BLOOD is mentioned at church.  I smile because it is the marvellous gospel message that I know and believe, but I sigh because I wonder what the little ones are thinking as I shield them all week from any sort of violence and then we go to church and talk about Jesus dying on the cross in a bloody way, with nails in His hands.  I do know and believe that God’s grace covers the whole situation and that also, most of it goes right over their heads.  But, this Sunday, Little Seth tugged on my skirt at church, I bent down in the middle of singing “Nothing but the Blood of Jesus” and listened to him ask, “Will you tell me that story again?  About Jesus and the blood?”  So I sit and tell him the story again.  And when we get home, he wants to hear it again.  I wonder if “it’s okay” to tell him these things, to satisfy his curiousity about blood and dying.

Then, I realize, that it’s for him and for me, and my eyes fill with tears, because of the sweetness.  Because of the questions he asks and the longing we all have to hear the old, old, story again and again.  In my telling it, in the most simple way I can, my own soul is strengthed.  I remember again that God sent Jesus to earth to save poor sinful men and women who are tired and longing and hoping and needful…..of His salvation and grace….and nothing but His blood can wash away the tiresome sins of the world.  And I pray that my words burn into his memory, “Sethie, Mommy loves Jesus and believes in Him and someday I will be in heaven with Him, too.”

“And, Seth, remember, Jesus died on the cross, but He is not dead any more.  He rose from the dead!  He is alive right now and,” (because he asks I tell him) “his boo-boos are all better!”

He is finding our Bible story books around the house and took some to bed with him during his nap.

This one was another satisfying adventure story about how God helped a shepherd boy and the boy killed a big bad giant with a sling, and a stone.  The stone goes right into his forehead.

And the giant goes tumbling down.

“He’s killed, he’s killed!”  ~Seth (a boy through and through)

Someday I hope to tell him that the journey of his spiritual awareness all began when he was only three and had so many questions.

Will you pray for Seth today?  And me, too?

Thank you, friends.

0 thoughts on “Seth

  1. what a reminder to never get tired of the old old story. Sometimes I can get so lackadaisical about the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection but what fun it is to tell it in Bible Club to kids who have never heard it and see the wide eyes and them soaking it all in. It makes it real again for me and realize it’s not just a story I’ve heard all my life it’s REAL!

  2. I must be emotional today…your blog brought tears to my eyes! I look forward to the day my boy (now almost 2) will enjoy the stories that point to the Savior. Praying for little Seth–that he will have a heart for God, that he will follow Him all the days of his life, and that he will be strong in mind, spirit, and body.

  3. I get what you’re saying here. And I’m praying for sweet Seth, and his Momma at this really special time.Also, the thing about blood is that, like many things, in and of itself it’s not bad. in fact, it’s kind of awesome. It’s life giving and necessary, but we only see it when something bad happens so we tend to think of it as bad but it’s not.

  4. I saw the title and smiled right off, a blog about Seth! But oh, what a blog! So dear and tenderhearted. I will pray for you and Seth. It is so special that he is seeking these stories and wanting to hear over and over about Jesus and the Bible. What a privilege, dear mommy, to share with your little guy. When David was midway through grade school he asked me to talk to him about sex, because “they” were always talking about it at church. Who are “they”? I asked, shocked. The Sunday school teachers Oh! That subject comes up in the Bible too. It was good that we clarified what the source was, as the subject wasn’t in such depth as I was imagining.

  5. sweet sweet seth!that’s a great wall hanging.and david and goliath is reese’ favorite story right now.she says, “the bad man dead!” ;)it’s such a neat thing walking with these little ones into knowing God. sobering too.praying for you, for seth, for me, for us all as we shepherd their hearts with wisdom and and sarah and kissing your boo-boo. too precious. potty training is right around the corner for us too i’m afraid. :/

  6. I just prayed for Seth, and for you too. It’s such a privilege and a responsibility to have children. It’s a good thing God helps us. My little grandchildren worry about the varicose veins on my legs. (They don’t hurt, they just look bad.)

  7. And my son think that Jesus is his uncle! LOLKids are smarter than us in so many ways – their naivity teaches us how pure their thoughts are on such thing. We both are mothers and we are so crazily in love with our kids. And so to think how Jesus so love children comes to him and he said that these are the ONES that may enter His Father`s Kingdom first! Amen! Amen!Love the Wild Animal Poster – I bet my son would love it too. *smile*

  8. @ABAHM – Jenny, that is too funny.  Oh my, yes, I’m sure that will come up at some point.  LOL  By the way, I was in Grace’s room today and she has one of those fabric photoboards on her way…I stood and looked at the pictures she put on it, and one of them is David’s graduation card you sent us.  I smiled.  🙂  Love to you all.

  9. @ata_grandma – Thank you!  Oh, I can just imagine those little girls worried over your veins.  Too cute.  Thank you, also for what you wrote this morning about the socks and  how someday I will be missing all that comes with having so many of them.  You are so right.  ((hugs))

  10. I’m so grateful to have found your blog. I have an almost-5-year-old and we are traveling down these roads as well. He told us in Sept of last year that he asked Jesus to come into his heart and make it clean. The best thing a mother could ever hear. Thank you so much for sharing your feelings, questions and heart!

  11. @babybreathblossoms – My son Caleb, who is 7, recently asked Jesus into his heart, too.  I was able to help him through it and listen to his prayer.  Are there any words to describe this feeling? I’m so thankful you wrote to me.  It’s an encouragement to know there are other mamas out there doing and feeling the same things.  I will pray for you and your son!  Blessings to you!!

  12. @ata_grandma –  I have varicose veins too, from my pregnancies. When David was little he would trace them with his finger while I read to him. He asked why I had them, and I told him about getting them when pregnant with him and his brothers, but I told him it was worth it because I had him! He thought about it awhile and then asked me if I would have still had him if they were on my face?! LOL. Leave it to a little boy. How much do you really love me mom? I said Yes! but that would be a lot harder.

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