an easy christmas ornament to make

Hello friends,

We awoke to a heavy frost.  There was a chill in the house when I got up to send the childen off to school.  David made me smile as he ate his scrambled eggs.  “I woke up happy this morning.” he said.  “I noticed!” was my reply.  It is sometimes hard for my 10 year old to get up at 6:30.  Last night he was so tired he fell right to sleep and slept so good that he woke up happy.

I went down to the coop after they left on the bus, and I gathered one egg.  I will go down again later to see if there are more of those lovely treasures waiting for me.

My house is pretty messy but at the moment I am choosing to neglect/ignore it.

I had to go to the grocery store this morning.  The dog was out of food and the fridge was getting empty.  Seth and Sarah had a hard time while shopping.  Sarah rode in the cart and Seth walked (if you can call it walking).  Sarah had put a tiny car in her coat pocket and Seth kept trying to get it from her, causing crying and nervousness.  I could not get him to forget about that car and I was about ready to pull my hair out (or, his).  I spent some time carrying him on my hip AND pushing the cart around.   Finally we were done and home again.

For lunch, they had raspberries and peanut butter sandwiches and I ate a big bowl of salad with lots of veggies.

The dog is sound asleep next to me, and the children are tucked away into their beds for a short nap, as I have to leave in an hour to take Ethan to the orthodontist.

When I was at my parent’s house this weekend I studied their Christmas tree.  So many of the ornaments I remembered, but there was one I wondered about.  Did one of the children in our big family make it? 

Mom noticed me looking at it and told that she had made it herself.  She said, “I found a picture in magazine, I don’t remember which one, and I got right up to make one.”  She inspired me to do the same, because it is made with a very common place item.

Instead of throwing away your next paper towel tube, you too, can make a pretty Christmas ornament.  I just thought that was too fun and determined to make one.

As fate would have it, on Monday we used up the remaining towels from TWO tubes, one for me and one for a child.

David walked by and so I grabbed him…..”Dave!  I’m going to make an ornament!  Do you want to make one with me?”  And he graciously agreed.

This is the one he made.

And this is the one that I made.

All you have to do is cut the tube into 10 pieces, and hole punch each end.  Then, take some wire ribbon and gather the circles onto a short length of it.  You will see the flower shape start to come together.  Then, take a longer length of ribbon and run it through the outer holes of the tube.  Tie the ends together as you see in the picture, making a small circle of ribbon in the middle, and a larger one on the outside.  The knot goes INSIDE the tube-circle in the center to make it look balanced.  Tie a hanging string on, and put it on the tree.  The whole project takes no time at all, perfect for busy mama who want to do a little non-stress crafting of a very simple sort.


In other news, our girl Grace sang in the school chorus Holiday concert last night.  We had a wonderful time enjoying all the music.


Yesterday at Bible Study, our speaker said this:  “I’ve been around long enough to know that God will provide the time you need to get your Christmas preparations done.  Whatever needs to be done WILL get done.” 

“The Christian life is a call to rest.” 

“He will sustain His people through everything.” 


Now that I have written a little note here, I will go make my afternoon cup of coffee and do my devotions.  What a blessing this quiet time of day is!

I hope to hear from you about anything that is on your mind and heart today~


0 thoughts on “an easy christmas ornament to make

  1. Eggs are what most kids love to eat. Rarely I hear some kids hate eggs! LOL And perhaps with some fried bacon as well! It is a good thing when a kid wakes up in that early hours and are happy!Perhaps this wintery Christmas mood sets in inside their heart and it is just SHINE, U know! he, he, he …Love the self-made ornaments – I had mine mostly made too. I just so love to create things! Even painting! -Your children are so beautiful in the photo.-

  2. I’ve enjoyed looking over some of your last posts here that I’ve missed.  This looks like a fun little craft to try, and I think I have a paper towel roll almost gone!  Love your header.  Merry Christmas Season to you and yours~

  3. I like your ornaments! Grace is getting so tall and pretty! I made some Christmas cookies today while listening to Christmas music on the radio. I only make a couple of kinds now as my kids aren’t into sweets much and most of us don’t need them anyway!! I love to hear about your chickens and the eggs — I’m not sure I ever had a “fresh” egg!

  4. i LOVE it! and so will emma. she’s my little crafter. i just cleaned a home today where i went through TWO rolls of paper towels.. i might need to go dig the empty rolls out of the garbage. 😉 thanks for the inspiration, friend.

  5. i’ve had shopping trips like that…i think most moms reading would “feel it” with you. :)and i like your ornament. it truly sounds like a non-stress craft! of which there seem to be so few. lol.

  6. Hi Shanda,I just love reading your blog. You are so humble and loving. I really do feel the love of Christ coming thru you in your blog. Thanks for sharing your life! P.S. You blueberry pancake recipe is our family favorite now.:o)

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