0 thoughts on “{this moment}

  1. I can’t quit crying for all those precious children. I immediately thought of you,too, and your precious family. So thankful your all O.K. God help all of us. How we need Him.

  2. I couldn’t stop thinking about your family so I’m glad you posted in your comments that you are all safe.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever commented on your site but I so enjoy your posts and your inspiration to others as a Godly wife and mother.  Take care….we are praying and pleading for God’s goodness to wash over all those involved.

  3. I just heard the news and prayed that this was not in your school district — my heart aches for the parents involved in this terrible scene and I was thankful to read that your children were not involved. I came here to see if you had posted anything.

  4. Love you Shanda and your dear family. So glad you are all OK. Tears and prayer. Rich is a dear hubby. I do a terrible job on my toes…perhaps Bob would do better. Bob was stringing the tree lights last night, something David and I usually do. He was just staring at the tree for awhile and I asked him what was up. He said he was figuring out how to make clips that would make the job easier. I said, “perfect, design and sell those they should make a mint”!

  5. I thought you might be near where this tragedy occurred and couldn’t wait to get home to check and make sure you and the family were ok. Prayers to the victims families. I just can not imagine.

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