i found eggs this morning


With arms outstretched I thank. With heart beating gratefully I love. With body
in health I jump for joy. With spirit full I live. ~Terri Guillemets


Oh, my friends, imagine my great delight this morning as I entered the coop to tend my flock and discovered not one, but four new eggs.  My flock is officially laying for me, after these many long months of having to buy eggs at the store.  I was looking forward to this day so very much. 


First eggs are quite small.  So small that I could hold four in one hand.  Or, could I?

Oh botheration!

I dropped one.

The hens came running to see.  They hardly even know what eggs are at this point, as only four of them are producing.

So they are curious.

*sigh* It was a regrettable loss, but I still had three.  Two for my breakfast and one for Sarah. 

Fried in a cast iron pan in plenty of butter, I even got to eat them off a Christmas fiestaware plate.

Next to me at the table, Sarah ate her small egg right up and then asked for more, so I gave her the rest of mine.  heart


In other news, look at my Ethan.  Isn’t he handsome?  This is how he dressed for school today.  Apparently, the basketball team has to dress up on game days.

The first thing I did this morning was iron his shirt and tie his tie.  Then, I took a picture.


Right now?  At this moment?  I love my life.  Thank you, Father. 

0 thoughts on “i found eggs this morning

  1. Yeah for eggs!! They look delicious on your Christmas plate! Your son looks so handsome — I remember when our youngest son had to dress up for games. He went to a Christian school for high school and told me one time that he liked dressing up for school — he said he felt better and more alert — that coming from a teenager!

  2. Ok so it’s not only Our school!! That’s good to know:) I wondered why I. Earth they have to dress up! Still wonder actually:) my nickolas went to school all dressed up the other day too:)So exciting about the eggs!!!!!!!! Hope they lay a plenty for you!A question: do you freeze Christmas cookies? Do the tea cakes come out nice from the freezer? Thanks

  3. @purpleamethyst76 – been planning to bake for days now and it just hasn’t worked out. Hopefully by the end of today I will have a nice amount of at least one type of treat to freeze!!!!! I’m feeling very overwhelmed in the midst of a very rich and good life! How is that even possible?!! But will put aside all those thoughts because I have such a good god and i know i am loved and will live this day by faith! All the practical things will fall into place. What are you doing today?

  4. How exciting about the eggs!!! I’m itching to get a proper garden and hen cope up! I love how curious they were about the fallen egg, so cute!And what a great photo! He looks handsome in his dress clothes. I think I remember something about certain sports-players having to dress up on game days back in high school… I can’t remember if I’ve said this already or not, but I just love the family photo at the top! Ya’ll look so lovely and happy!

  5. I love how tiny and cute eggs are when chickens first start to lay. I get them from my parents…who’s chickens are starting to slow down their laying in these colder months! I really like your Christmas fiesta plate..how festive and pretty.Your son looks so nice all dressed up. I remember the boys in school having to dress up on game day. Happy Wednesday to you. šŸ™‚

  6. You should have seen Bob’s happy face when I said Ethan was all dressed up for game day because he is on the basketball team. My hubby loves basketball…but our guys played soccer and baseball. So glad your chickens are laying! That must have made your morning (minus the sad dropped egg…oops! exactly something I would do)

  7. Be careful if the hens get used to eating the eggs. We had a problem with a couple of them that ate one egg each, everyday – until we found out! Then there was chicken soup. Amazingly, we started having more eggs for us too :)!

  8. @QueenSissi – Yes, that was my first thought!  But I couldn’t get to it fast enough to take it away.  We also had a problem with our hens eating eggs (a different flock from a few years ago).   I’m at home all day so I would just run down there constantly and take the eggs as soon as they were left and soon our hens forgot all about how delicious they were.  šŸ™‚

  9. i love that your new chickens are now laying again. when i was visiting my friend a couple weekends ago they were talking about the hens that they are raising at the mission. It was so cool cause they all bought into some and so they have some meat ones and some egg ones. Its been very nice to have along side the amazing garden they were able to have as well. i told them about your journey with chickens and the one day you guys found a HUGE egg and a baby egg and cooked up both of them šŸ˜‰

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