the tree is up


“Blessings all Mine”


Watching Ethan’s face light up when Rich asked if he would go get the tree with him.  (just the two of them).

I hung the lights up all by myself with a very curious pair of little ones getting underfoot.

Answering the question “Is it Christmas now?” 15 times.

Calling the older boys from their room, to decorate with us, and they were happy to come.

The sound of a cartoon on TV as we worked. (letting go of the perfectionist idea in me that says “Thou shalt only listen to christmas music while decorating the tree”)

Grace broke the first ornament.

The smell of fresh pine.

Caleb’s joyful face as he found the ornaments he made in school last year, “MOM! I remember this one! I made it in first grade!”

David’s sorrow as he could not find any of his. (a mystery)

Catching my husband quietly watching me untangle the gold bead garland from across the room, “You are so beautiful.”

Sarah’s shoes on the wrong feet.

The non-stop noise and talking.

The hysteria as we took self timer portraits of our family, and the resulting picture that makes me smile.


It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.  ~W.T. Ellis

0 thoughts on “the tree is up

  1. I love this family! The descriptions of your tree trimming are priceless. Beautiful tree and beautiful family! I hope to get ours tonight, as a friend of David’s is supposed to come over and stay with him, then Bob and I can go get one

  2. @sixAs – – Yes.  I had to set the timer and then run into my spot in the picture….I think he was wondering what I was doing.  He’s definately become a big part of my life, and is at this moment snoring on the couch at my feet.  😉@weedorwildflower – you are so kind and sweet, your words made me tear up.  Merry Christmas.  

  3. @H0LDfast – Wow, thank you!  I had already made up our Christmas cards but when Grace saw this picture she said she wanted me to make more with this one.  I guess it pays to keep on trying until we get a good one!  (it took a while)   LOL

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