Davy makes brownies




It has been a busy day, but life….living well, is more than being busy, more than doing.  It’s saying yes, it’s being thoughtful, it’s sacrificing to make someone else’s day, it’s reaching over to give a pat on the shoulder of the passenger next to you while driving (today? my teenage son), it’s turning up the happy song on the radio, it’s watching your big children from a distance, letting them grow, sharing a smile.  It’s letting your little ones get muddy and splash in the stream, it’s taking your baby outside to look at the striped pink and blue sunset, it’s swaying back and forth in your pj’s, feeling her warm precious body close, with your nose in her hair.  It–this wonderful life of mine–is so much, so full of moments like these, that my heart overflows with gratitude and joy.

How often do I get caught up in the doing!  I get rushed and loud, louder still, until I’m yelling and blind to the good things, and the children look at me in wonder. 

I’m so thankful for the ways that God shows me the reality of living is in sincere kindness, listening, & loving.

Slowing down, thank goodness, can be, and very much needs to be, an inner heart thing.  I have found that even as I work quickly and attend to many things, there can remain a quiet peace in my heart, a place that can ponder, notice, and praise God even in the chaos of being a mama, wife, and homemaker.

On the way to the library I said to the children, “I’m just going to run in quick, but you tell me what sort of book you want and I’ll get it.”

After thinking, David surprised me by saying, “I know.  A cookbook.”

The mission was completed, and before we even got home, he decided that he wanted to make brownies.

He’s 9 years old and he did a great job.  He just needed a little help in doubling the recipe.

He GREW in the making, he was proud.  He did it!

 He not only made the brownies, he shared them with his brother.  And me, too.  They were delicious.



A quote from the book I’m reading: “I am no longer as inspired by expertise as I once was.  Perhaps the worth of any lifetime is measured more in kindness than in competency.”


Philippians 2:3-7  


PS.  A few days later, the next batch burned.  More lessons learned; set the timer!  and don’t run outside to play while you’re waiting for them to bake…….

I love you, David Lloyd.  SO MUCH.

0 thoughts on “Davy makes brownies

  1. I really appreciate your posts about the books that you enjoy reading. My husband and I are on a fancy smanchy hotel for our 20th anniversary outing and I just finished reading “Life is so Good”. What a wonderful book and I am now inspired not to worry about things so much:) Those brownies must have been wonderful as is everything made with love!!Have a wonderful week.Regarding the celebration of 20 years ~~we thought about a trip to New York (I thought of you)!

  2. Oh, I so can relate!! My son is 10 and he has discovered the joy of baking. (and I have learned to let it go…all the mess….the ingredients that are used and not placed on the store list ;),)Loved this post. I, too, need to just relax and enjoy these moments in time. The children are growing so fast. I will miss these times, I KNOW I will. thanks dear friends for refocusing me this morning!!

  3. loved what you shared at the beginning of this post, shanda!and way to go davy boy.we’re having company tonight and i just asked my kids at breakfast..what should i make for dessert. they all agreed. BROWNIES!! :))

  4. Shanda, I love your posts! They are so uplifting and full of joy and creativity. It is awesome to watch your children grow and learn right before our eyes. You inspire me as a grandma to enjoy each moment I have with the little ones. The time we have on this earth is short and it is a gift. You remind us all of that. Thanks!

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