when I was a child…..

Happy little Shanda!


I used my phone to copy these old pictures of myself while I was at my parent’s house a week ago.  I haven’t seen some of these in years. It’s fun to look back now and then and remember the happy growing up years.


I love the curtains in this one.  My brother David and I used to share bunkbeds, here I am, hanging off the top one being silly.


I loved my Winnie the Pooh.  It had a music box in it.


Perhaps it was Christmas time, or my birthday.  I look very pleased with my new doll and cradle.


I remember how thrilled I was to receive this shirt in the mail from my Great Grandma.  She made it for my birthday.  When I was at my mom’s I found a scrap of the material and glued it in my scrapbook.


This is my favorite picture.  I love how happy we all are, my baby sister’s bonnet, my dress and purse.  We must have been going to church.




With my mom  heart


I was about 12 in this picture.  My brother Isaac is the baby in the stroller.  Amanda and Nathan, my little sister and brother, are sitting next to him.




I was already married at this point.  In fact, my newborn son Ethan was in the room when we had this portrait taken of all five of us children.





0 thoughts on “when I was a child…..

  1. look at you… what a cutie!! :)i think i see alot of david in you.old pictures are so fun to look at.that’s what i remind myself of with the tons i have of the kids..someday they’ll love sitting and looking through them all. :)and those curtains could be something you’d find at ikea NOW!! :))styles always come back round, eh.

  2. Happy memories!!!I had the very same Winnie the Pooh – had almost completely forgot about him!I was heart-broken when I wound it up too tight one night and he never again sang me to sleep :o(Thanks for the trigger!Lori

  3. You were so adorable as a child 🙂 . What sweet pictures!  I get sad when I look at pictures of mine when they were little, I want to turn back the clock and have them all small  again (sniff,sniff). The years just fly by don’t they?

  4. What sweet pictures.You must be thankful to have such a wonderful childhood. I’m sure your mom looks back on the pictures and wishes she could have all of you guys back for a little while. I know my mom does….as she said in the comment above! Haha.

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