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We have two ponds at our place and it is all very casual around here when we swim.  Little Sarah usually wears whatever she has on when she wants to dip her feet in the water.  But my friend Kathy handed her down an adorable bathing suit from her daughter.  I took these pictures the first time she wore it (or any bathing suit).  When I put it on her, she said she wanted it off.  She didn’t like it.  But I couldn’t stand how cute she was so I said no. 


I went out grocery shopping at 7:30 this morning, because we were out of milk.  I took Seth with me so he could help.  He likes to put things in the cart for me.  We got some fruit; a cantaloupe, pineapple, organic grapes, and strawberries.  When I got home I made a big (fiestaware) fruit bowl.  We’ve been snacking on the yummy fruit all day and I know Rich will appreciate it, too.  He’s been on a very strict health kick lately.  He runs or bikes every day and doesn’t eat much meat, mostly salad.  I’m proud of him, but glad that I have lots of children to cook for in the meantime.  Rich wants to run a marathon.  When his alarm goes off at 4:30 I just roll over and go back to sleep.

We currently all have the sniffles and sneezes. 

I stayed up late-late last night to watch ladies gymnastics (I’ve loved gymnastics for years!)….the balance beam and floor event finals were on.  I was happy that the Chinese won the top beam spots; they are my favorite beam workers and their routines were breathtaking.  Floor is fun to watch but not as fun as it used to be when the girls could take a step back after a tumbling run.  Now that they have to stick the landings on FOUR passes it makes so much more room for error and distracts from the beauty and difficulty of the routines. 

Grace and I took naps this afternoon–outside.  I was in the hammock and she was on the ground next to me on her sleeping bag.  Oh how relaxing that was.  (Seth, Sarah, and Seth were napping in the house with Jacob listening for them in case they woke up).

Ethan made cookies.

I made a macaroni salad and there are ribs in the oven for dinner. 

How has your day been going?



0 thoughts on “sarah in the pond

  1. Your day sounds lovely and so relaxing.I’ve been cleaning and rearranging my kitchen all afternoon. It’s raining now and will be all day tomorrow.I am actually looking forward to a cozy rainy day. My girls wanted to bake cookies…I told them we’ll do it tomorrow when it’s cool and rainy!Sarah’s bathing suit is Adorable! I’d make her wear it too. ;)Happy Wednesday to you.

  2. So cute to see her in that bathing suit. Glad you kept her in it and took pics! I remember loving to see the darling little legs in shorts and swim suits. The suit from Kathy looks like just what you would pick too. Your day sounds sweet…minus the sniffles. Love to all!

  3. we have been watching the olympics (gymnastics) too. I love it!!! Your day sounded refreshing and lovely. Fruit bowls, naps in a hammock… Sarah looks so precious.. enjoy your evening friend.

  4. Gymnastics is the one thing (apart from diving) that I enjoy watching during the Olympics too. That is the cutest little “cossie” (not sure if you use that word where you are, also known as swimmers/bathers). Also wanted to say thanks for your encouraging comment 🙂

  5. I live about a ten minute walk from the Olympic Stadium – so as you can imagine it is pretty busy in our neighbourhood. Unfortunately we had no luck getting tickets for the games in the ballot (although my fourteen year old was chosen to play trombone in the opening ceremony with the London Symphony Orchestra and so we got to go to a dress rehearsal of that). But shopping here is a source of delight as the whole of our local Westfield shopping centre is filled with visiting athletes. My eleven year old daughter was thrilled yesterday when we stumbled across the Russian gymnasts admiring a portrait of the queen made out of jelly beans in one department store.Best wishes from Joan, Stratford, London E15

  6. I love your daughter’s suit. It is so “non little girlie” (if you know what I mean) I love the colors and style!! Isn’t it funny how they decide they don’t like something…and it’s usually something you think is adorable!

  7. My husband can’t eat salad right now, which is really a bummer for him, because he loves salad…he is on blood thinners, so he can’t eat foods high in vitamin K…He had a pulmonary embolism…whew!…so I am glad that he is getting better…but the blood thinning meds make him very fatigued…

  8. @shondadiane – My mom almost died froma pulmonary embolism and also had to be on blood thinners.  This was about 11 years ago now.  Her’s was caused by birth control pills!!  I’m so glad your husband is okay, that’s a very scary health scare!  xoxo

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