amanda came over yesterday

My sister came over yesterday morning bringing Dunkin’ Donuts and croissants.  She also gave me the fabric flower in the picture—she has one, too.  We can pin the flowers on for some bling.  So pretty!

At first, we sat at the table and ate our breakfast while looking at magazines and visiting with each other and the children.


This next picture shows the face Sarah makes when she feels unsure about being held by anyone but Mama. It cracks me up.


Aunt Amanda had to warm her up with some hugs and kisses.


DSC_1040 DSC_1043 DSC_1044

Little Naomi adores Sarah and holds her so nicely.  Soon she and Sarah with be running around playing together.



So what else did Amanda and I do while she was here?  We rearranged the master bedroom!

This is a picture of what it looked like about half way through, after we had pushed the bed over to the opposite side of the room.


This is what it looks like now.  Rich loved it.  It’s fresh and clean and a much needed change.  I have a few more ideas in mind; a throw rug or two, a floor plant, and a nice piece of artwork for above the bed.



I loved having Amanda here!  Our days are crazy-busy but never too busy to take time to visit with a forever friend.



0 thoughts on “amanda came over yesterday

  1. You are blessed to have a sister.Always wanted one.I am so happy that my girls have each other.It gives me such joy when they call one another to chat.Their laughter makes me smile.I know this relationship will carry on when I am gone.God is good.I like the bedroom arrangement.Nice.Pretty flower brooch, too.D xo

  2. Oh how I love going to sleep and waking up the next morning in a fresh, clean, newly rearranged room!  It looks very nice.I really like the fabric flower that your sister gave you. It’s so pretty.Sisters are the best, aren’t they?  So glad you got to spend a day with yours.Enjoy your Thursday. =)

  3. I would love, love LOVE it if one of my sisters came to visit me. Who’s kiddin’ who — I would love it if almost ANYONE came to visit me! Have you got your passport?

  4. What a wonderful visit! Amanda and Sarah are so sweet together…I like how she warmed Sarah up, made me laugh.Pretty flower! The bedroom looks great. Hope you are having a happy day.

  5. what a wonderful blessing to have your sister over. i love the picture of her getting loved on by Aunt Amanda! such a beautiful flower she brought for you…did she make it?!?

  6. That second picture is so cute, it looks like Sarah just ate a lemon.  Your room looks great.  Isn’t is fun redecorating?  Even the smallest change can make such a difference.

  7. Love, love the pictures of Sarah with your sister…so cute!!!  What a wonderful blessing you have in a sister!   Your room looks WONDERFUL…so open and clean.  I’mdeep cleaning and organizing this week to get ready for paint and new carpet.  Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!

  8. At this point, I could simply dust my bedroom furniture and it would improve “the look” in there! Glad you have something arranged that you like! I, too, like the fabric flower.

  9. I love the new room arrangement!! And oh how I love sisters. I’m so glad you got to visit with yours yesterday. I feel like I just won a million dollars because one of my sisters will be moving here (well, an hour from here) from Mississippi this fall! It makes my heart ache with happiness to even think about it. Family within driving distance!!!

  10. Love that flower! The girls are adorable, watching them love and build that special cousin bond does a mothers heart good.  I love to move furniture, just brightens up a room – your bedroom looks great.

  11. I love the Meyers soap nothing smells as good, I see it on the end table.  The Spring time is the very best time to change things up, doesn’t it just lift your mood?Sarah’s face is hilarious!The flower pin looks very Anthropology!

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