0 thoughts on “my happy baby girl

  1. She looks like the “American Girl” baby doll that my Rachel had. Or like a priceless porcelain doll from some famous designer. Or like the precious child of ordinary people that have been given a gift from Heaven. I think the latter.

  2. These pictures remind me of the country song “…but the sweetest thing in the whole wide world is a happy girl…” That is such a fun age, when they are all sweetness and goodness and they coo and smile 🙂 And that sweater! So classic and lovely.

  3. What a little sweetie! My new grand daughter is just starting to coo and smile. I have only heard the cooing part, though. I ask my daughter to get on Skype with the webcam some day when Sianna is in a good mood, so I can see her smile. My daughter says she has big dimples! Your little Sarah has the kind of sweet little smile that makes YOU have to smile, too!

  4. Your Sarah makes me laugh. It looks like you told her a joke and she smiles harder and harder till she completely bursts out laughing. And loved the marker picture where Seth decorated her. You manage to save cheerful documentation of things that make me upset if it happens among my children.Sarah

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