0 thoughts on “{this moment} “new boots”

  1. Oh cute! I’m glad you got your boots. I should have known…GREEN! I was reading a gardening catalog this morning and thought of you when I saw the boots. They were brown with flowers all over them. I am able to get away with gardening clogs…so much better than my tennies or sandals!

  2. “T hese boots were made for…”   muddin’?  I almost bought a pair the other day but not for gardening or mudding. I need/want to walk into the edge of the lake so I can get a different angle of the “beach” with my camera!

  3. I love your boots. I can’t find any rain boots that fit me. They are all to tight around my calves. My sister and I had fun trying to get a pair off that I unfortunatly got stuck on my leg a while back. Fun times. 🙂

  4. Are those Hunter boots? I see most of the snow is melting!  Were you in a green mood? It is  a great color!  I imagine that one of the boys took this photo I am trying to figure it our by your expression.

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