sister day

My sister Amanda came over today with her little girl, Naomi~

Naomi gives me big hugs when she sees me.  She sat right next to me in church on Sunday, which made me very happy.  I love her SO much.

Naomi Isabella


She’s closest in age to my Caleb and they hook up and do stuff together when she visits.  It’s quite cute to see them play and talk.

She’s four and a half and can do backbends.


Here’s Nay with her mama:


And one more, Jacob took this one, of Amanda and me:

After our little photo session we all (10 of us) went down to the Elvis diner in town for lunch.  Ummm, can someone say crazy times?  It was fun though and I got to have a big cold cherry coke (a treat).

When we got home, Amanda and I helped Grace pack.  Amanda took her back home for a sleepover with Abbie (Amanda’s older daughter).  Tomorrow they are going to the American Girl Place for Abbie’s 10th birthday party.  They will have such a good time but it sure feels strange with Grace gone.  heart  

Guess what I’m going to go do now?  I’m going to go to bed to read my book with Sarah and take a little tiny afternoon catnap.  Doesn’t that sound cozy?  Seth is already sleeping and the other 4 boys are downstairs in their room playing.

Happy Friday!


PS, I was just thinking about this picture.  How cute is this?  From almost 5 years ago….Amanda and me with CALEB and newborn NAOMI…….

0 thoughts on “sister day

  1. What a FUN Day we had! Naomi felt so special just the two of us going over πŸ™‚   Smiling now that I am looking at all the pics so glad we paused for a moment to take some XOXOX love you much

  2. Her little outfit is so great!  I think it is the best that you have a sister that lives near you!  Grace is probably beside herself with excitement over the sleepover!I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Naomi is so pretty and obviously very talented. A backbend at 4 is pretty darn good. Looks like a terrific visit, glad you all enjoyed your time. Those girls are going to have a blast at American Girl, it looks like such a fun girl place

  4. Hope you got your nap with Sarah.  I really  like Naomi’s owl shirt.  So cute!  Sweet picture of you and Amanda with your babies, too.  Have fun at the party tomorrow, and have a great weekend.

  5. Sisters are the best! What a fun day. How special that the cousins have each other.You and your sister are so pretty.  I find it so funny, you have such dark hair and dark eyes, but your sister is so light with blue eyes!  My family is a mix when it comes to hair color, as for our eyes, we are all dark…it’s the Italian. ;)You have such a great family!!!

  6. I felt like a deprived child, growing up without a sister….or any cousins (are you feeling sorry for me yet??)  So I was thrilled when my third (Susannah) turned out to be a girl, a sister for my Sarah. I’ve loved seeing their relationship grow and strengthen as they’ve grown older. Six years’ difference was a lot when they were 6 and 12, but it’s nothing now. Wouldn’t it be sad to live so far away from your sister that you couldn’t spend just ordinary, everyday time together? Keep making that happen…the cousins will benefit, too.

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