two roosters

I’m sitting on the couch and Sarah has wriggled her way over to my sneaker and I feel her little fingers touching me.  She’s on her belly, not making a sound, but her little feet are gently going up and down as she touches things.  She’s so cute.

Seth is by my side, ready and willing to push the buttons on my laptop.

Ethan and Jacob are talking and being funny and (of course) looking for something to eat in the freezer.  They are always hungry.  (I do feed them.)

Not sure what the others are doing but I just saw them a minute ago. 

I haven’t blogged lately because I haven’t been feeling well since Saturday (just a cold but w/a sore throat, headache, and fatigue).  Also, my mother in law came on Sunday afternoon with her two girls.  Rich and I got to stay overnight at a hotel that night, just the two of us, both not feeling well but not willing to pass up the opportunity to get away.  We had a great time together.  We ate at the hotel that night (I had french onion soup and a nice salad, he had scallops over corn risotto).  After eating, we walked through the city a couple of blocks so that he could show me his office.  No one was there and it was fun to have him give me a tour.  He has big enlarged pictures of us on his office walls and outside the door there is a collage of Sarah’s baby pictures, announcing his newest addition.  Rich’s office is neat and organized.

On Saturday, we went to the mall for a little bit and then back to the hotel to sleep.  We got home at about 7:30.

Rich’s mom and the girls left this morning, with tears flowing from Grandma because she didn’t want to leave, and the children begging her to stay– either that or buy the piece of land down the road.  LOL

We had a quiet afternoon with the babies napping, children studying, and me reading and sipping my coffee in the quiet.

Marcia C, if you are reading this….I wrote you back today and so did Grace.  Thanks for the fairy article you clipped from Family Fun magazine, we LOVED seeing it and we can’t wait to get outside and make more fairy homes.

I took these pictures last week when Ethan and Superman walked into the house with a surprise for me:


We have one rooster named George and it is now apparent that out of the chicks we hatched out this summer, HE HAS A SON.  We just can’t tell a female baby chick from a male, so it is only now that we have made this terrible discovery.  George himself is a problem, as he has a tendency to knock Seth down once in a while, or run and jump at the other small children in the family.  Now he unfortunately has a descendant, whom the children have named ROMEO.  However, I keep calling him George Jr.  I can’t help myself because he looks exactly like his father.  Well, not exactly.  George Jr has green legs and black eyes.  Big George has red eyes and black legs.


I am not sure what action we will be taking to solve this problem.  Our chickens have been free ranging but it may be time to build a fence for them.

Well, Ethan found something to eat….big shredded wheat biscuits, to be eaten dry.

Jacob also found something… entire bag of frozen ravioli that he is going to boil up and eat.  He says they are all for him.

Please pray that my sore throat and head ache goes away soon.  Thanks! 


Seth was just sitting on the floor next to Sarah and she was looking up at him with trust and joy.  He took the toy he was playing with and inserted it right into her mouth until she gagged on it.  (It was a toy syringe from the toy doctor kit)…….she didn’t cry at all, just gagged while Seth laughed and I said, “take that out of her mouth!”  She absolutely adores Seth and loves watching him and his antics.


I cleaned out the junk drawers in the kitchen today.  I had four of them and they are now completely empty.


What are you doing today?


One more note: Seth just grabbed Sarah’s cheeks and kissed her on the mouth.  She yelled at him that time.  LOL

0 thoughts on “two roosters

  1. hey I have the chance to be the first comment? We shall see.. so thought I would try! Sorry your not feeling well..not fun!Been busy today and tired and waiting for J to come home from work. Not in the mood to clean so will put that off till tomorrow! HaI am eagerly waiting for next week for Thanksgiving… looking forward to it! They are my markers and count down for baby to arrive..this is the first one of the ones to come! Glad to read from your blog.. was wondering where you were… enjoy keeping up with you that way! 🙂

  2. I too caught a cold and flu this weekend. Now I am just left with not much of a voice and sore throat. I am working on my crafts for the fair this weekend but have to head off to work in an hour so will have to take a break. Maybe my boss will send me home because of how I sound. I really doubt it though she is quite the hard gun. :)Be blessed

  3.   I just the joyful simpicities that you notice and blog of even when you aren’t feeling well! I missed your posts and thought maybe you were considering just not blogging anymore…..that was a sad thought.Anyhow…I never knew chickens had such unique looks and that they are all different!You asked what we are doing today: just a drizzly day at home cleaning up, doig laundry. My littles just finished watching cartoons and are now eating lunch…I better go join them!PS: we got new family pictures taken…I’ll have to send you one!

  4. No way!!! A George JR!!!  Fairy homes are the best!  There are some books out there with photographs that Chloe and I look through for inspiration.  We have had so much fun with our little home in the yard, it is like having a fun secret place.I missed your blog and am so glad to see you back on!  Sorry to hear that you were not feeling well, and I am so so glad that you went out even when you felt down.lots of love, JO

  5. I hope you feel better Shanny…I missed seeing you on Sunday.  I love the rooster pictures…that is too funny.  Glad you got a chance to get away overnight, that’s always so nice. 🙂

  6. I pray that you are feeling all the way better soon!  So nice to get away for a night with Rich.  I’m sure you both enjoyed the time together.  I’m about to go pick up kids and go to swimming lessons.  Chicken sandwiches for supper, and church later.

  7. Hi Shanda,I started worrying about you yesterday when it occurred to me that I hadn’t seen a blog from you in a while. I hope you are feeling better soon. Thinking of you . . .love and hugs

  8. I love reading your blogs. You write about the real parts of your life and I appreciate that. I smiled when you were talking about Seth gagging the baby. I have an 11 year old and a 4 month old, things like that happen here all the time. At 11 you think she wouldn’t pester him but she still does.Hope you get well very soon!

  9. Our time for chicks just may be this coming spring. I have always wanted to have chickens.(I think your roosters are handsome!) You make my rainy day sound so cozy. I get the “couch with a hot cup of tea” feeling and that the house work can wait for me. Hope you get feeling better soon….winter…ugh!

  10. Hello Shanda, It’s fun to peek in and get a glimpse into your day~ So sweet how you describe what everyone is doing. Our kiddos had that sore throat and headache recently. I just put GOOT on them for one whole day and it went away. The entire sickness lasted about 3 days. First day, they are feeling a bit down. Second day I realize they are sick. Third day is recovery Fourth day they are up and playing again. Hope you are feeling well soon~ Cinnamon

  11. Hey girl!Hope you feel better soon. Has no one ever told you that moms getting sick in absolutely NOT ALLOWED?Nope. Never.Things just fall apart.You know?Like the red eyed rooster.Handsome guy.I’ve been crocheting sock edging for my littler grandgirls.We fly out to see the wee one after Thanksgiving. Trying to get all her Christmas things done so that we can take it with us. Just about finished. Did some shopping this afternoon. It was soooo windy, I was nearly swept away. Whoosh!Ok. That’s enough randomness.Later.xo

  12. Hi Shanda, I hope you get over that cold soon, and are feeling better by the time you read this! I knew those boys were going to get to that hungry all the time phase. It is a regular job keeping them fed. Good thing they have an active interest and will pitch right in and feed themselves. We just spent a couple weeks at my moms house in Laguna, that is why I haven’t blogged much. Getting back home and trying to get things in order here. The doctor put me on a new diet of just protein and veggies for a week, then another with a few additions next week, then back to the protein and veggies. Hoping to help the inflammation and weight go down. I am the grumpiest about not getting to drink my morning coffee, so I bought some nice tea today

  13. Since your chickens are such pets, the freezer is not an option, right? :-/ What am I doing today? Laundry, catching up on answering mail, making out my shopping list, hanging all the laundry, watering the plants, calling my daughter in N. Ireland who is pregnant, reading, studying, and sewing some Christmas gifts. I feel so far behind and Christmas seems to be coming along so FAST this year! Usually by now I have several kinds of cookies in the freezer, but I haven’t even started baking! Goodness! My life is so different from yours. It is pretty quiet around here most of the time. I would love to trade places with you for a day or two so you could rest and get better, but I know I am no match for you, even though you aren’t feeling well. You are one amazing woman!

  14. Hope you feel better soon and are able to figure out what to do with Romeo, or George Jr. : ) The are beautiful roosters. So, I guess as boys get bigger the eating gets worse, huh? I have a 7 yr and 1 yr old that I can’t keep full already. Yikes.

  15. I think Romeo is cute. We do have a real Georgejr but he is black with a few white feathers if he turns out to be a girl we are going to name him Juliet. Dad wants to train Romeo to fight big George  GRACE

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