quick post

I found this big baby doll at the thrift store this past Saturday for $4.50 and gave it to our Sarah.  It’s quite delightful, having another girl!

Happy Thursday to you!  ((hugs))

0 thoughts on “quick post

  1. I remember being little and wanting so so so badly to have a cabbage patch doll, it is the one gift I wanted for years!  So I smiled when I saw that you found one for sarah, or atleast it looks like cabbage patch! It is great fun to have a girl, Sarah looks darling! 

  2. Shanda, You know I feel like half a lurker and half a neighborhood friend. Sometimes when I visit I just linger through and soak up your sweet family, pray for you, rejoice with you and leave you comments. Other times I just come by and soak up your sweet posts then have to rush off. Just wanted you to know I enjoy stopping by and visiting even if only in bloggy land. Your family is beautiful.Thank you for your sweet comment the other day~ ~Cinnamon

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