a series of unfortunate mother’s day portraits












Hard to pick a favorite, isn’t it?

Let me know if you would like to hire my fabulous photographer. 

His techique?  Doesn’t say a word, and leaves everything to chance.


0 thoughts on “a series of unfortunate mother’s day portraits

  1. I have to say that it’s kinda nice to see that your family isn’t ALWAYS picture perfect! (o:Happy Mothers day Shanda…because after all, every day is mothers day!

  2. i have to say i don’t believe i have EVER got a picture of all of us looking and no goofy faces,it’s real life for sure! I like them all. the last one of course i would chose but putting them all up was a good choice! ,the 2 older boys crack me up!!(they must thinks it’s hilarious!)

  3. Do you remember when you asked Rich to take pictures of us? I think we were at Borders and we got laughing so hard because it was JUST LIKE THIS?!I like the pictures, they are very real life!Were these taken when you went out to eat?

  4. Yes. It IS so hard picking a favorite! I love them all for making me laugh!!!Happy Monday…and hang in there, these last few days of growing little Sarah in the inside!!!

  5. Feel you pain, LOL!!  My Easter pics are that way.  I went to so much trouble getting everyone looking so nice in their outfits, and didn’t get a good pic one.  Oh well, that is real life, and it is fun!!!  My baby is determined to look away for EVERY pic I take.  It is now a joke.  Have a great day.  Here where I live it is sunny, cool and beautiful.  Let us rejoice this day that our great and mighty Lord has made!!! ~ Deborah

  6. I love the 4th from the top. We’ve nearly given up on our group photos. It’s impossible to get 15 people looking in the same direction; not blinking; or moving their mouth etc. etc.These are the best though. Great out takes!!

  7. These made me smile.  I can almost hear the dialog among the group…”stand still”, “I know the sun is in your eyes…just look at the camera”. “Just one more”.  Hee Hee.  We have family pictures like that.  (and then my son thinks it’s cute to make funny faces…uhhh)

  8. lol, you are so funny. I was enjoying all the life in these picks with balloons, bright sun, and squirmy boys…then your comment about the photographer cracked me up. A slice of your mother’s day outing. May the Lord bless you all and especially give you grace in these last weeks Shanda. So exciting to think baby Sarah will be here soon.

  9. Shanda~ I love them all. I just finished taking photos for a week in the life of our family. I took pictures of the children doing ordinary things in their life,then I printed those pictures out and I’m going to put them in a photo album for them to look at now and for years to come. These pictures remind me of something I’d stick in my journal. Normal, kids, normal Mama taking care of ~everything~  You will look back and laugh at this sweet, funny moment~hugs~Cinnamon

  10. hee hee….my photographer told one of my kids NOT to smile, and when I looked at the first batch of pictures, some of them looked pretty solemn.  We had a redo, and they were suppose to look like they actually liked their mother. =)  Happy Mother’s Day, hope your week is blessed~

  11. i think we must have the same photographer! ;)we got some funny ones yesterday too~ which actually make me smile the most. it’s who we REALLY are.love these. and you.

  12. this reminds me of what my husband and I sometimes say to each other in the midst of chaos….”I think we’re married with children”!  I love that you posted all of them!Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

  13. I’ve been thinking about you. I rarely get around to posting comments, but I enjoy all your posts! Happy late Mother’s Day! Hang in there~ you only have a few more weeks to go. I can’t wait to meet our new little girl, but I am not ready to make the transition yet, lots of things on the “before baby is born” list to still cross off! But getting more tired and uncomfortable every day. Have a great week! ~cheryl

  14. lol! Love it! You’ve got memories here. :o) Been thinking about you! You must be tired. “In our weakness, He is strong!” Sending you a hug today!

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