a post in proverbs


Patience is a virtue, but I have no patience for keeping a one year old from going down off the porch.  We’ve all learned that SAFETY is FIRST, and since the Lord helps those who help themselves, the best thing we’ve done so far to prepare for the warmer months…..was install baby gates across both porch entries.  We had some trouble finding just the right gates and had to go on repeated trips to”Babies R Us”.  But, the third time’s the charm, and now we can sit in our rocking chairs and let Seth play safely near us.  The gates also keep the chickens from wandering around on the porch, dropping droppings.  We’ve killed two birds with one stone, so to speak.

But of course, the grass is always greener on the other side. 

0 thoughts on “a post in proverbs

  1. So glad you found some gates that work. The picture is priceless with the chickens on the other side. With the new baby almost here and the ponds nearby, I would say this is an excellent move!!When we had our second baby, Bob had to build a fence and gate so our 1st, Daniel, could not escape

  2. Oh my goodness…look at those chickens just itchen’ to get over that gate! So cute!!! We are getting ready to install a mounted gate at the top of our stairs, so baby Jake won’t tumble down them. :0

  3. the chickens watching Seth crack me up!! someday I’m gonna visit you, k? πŸ™‚ I want to sit on that porch and chat and just watch LIFE!

  4. “The grass is greener…” LOL YES! The chickens want in, and Seth wants OUT! I love that picture. Seth looks so big on his riding toy!Hope your week is going well. Something is in the mail for you.

  5. What a blessing a gate can be. I mentioned to my husband that it would be great to have a gate for our steps, in the house. Do you know what he said to me? “Train the child not to go up them” :-/ You can see who is home with him all day and who is not   Actually the inside steps Granton has been really good about not going up. It’s the outside steps he sneaks down every so often.
    I agree with you, it’s a wonderful treat to be able to sit (especially when you’re prego) and let the little ones play safely nearby
    Love the picture of Seth barefoot~ Cinnamon

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