the best example of motherhood is God Himself



“All that that mother was—a refuge in every sorrow, an arbiter in every difficulty, a counselor in every perplexity, a soother in every grief, the center that seemed to unite and endear all the other sweet relations and associations of the domestic circle—God made her. She was but a dim reflection, an imperfect picture, a faint image of himself. All the loveliness, and all the grace, and all the wisdom, and all the sweet affection which she possessed and exemplified, was but an emanation of God.”  ~Octavious Winslow


On this Mother’s Day, my heart is amazed by God’s care, leadership, and example for mothers.  He created motherhood, and it is a role that He wills for me in this life.  I tremble and falter, I am afraid of my many failures, but I know that I can always fall on my knees in prayer, and flee to my Bible for His wise and perfect Word.  He promises the weak will be strong in Him and He will provide my every need.  He is an example for mothers, but also a mother for mothers.  “As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you”  (Isaiah 66:13)  In a season of life in which I feel often feel worn and overwhelmed, it is a comfort to know that I am known, and being mothered by, my heavenly Father.

“He……shall gently lead
those that are with young.”
  Isaiah 40:11

I don’t know how to be a good mother, but I do know where to learn to be a good mother:  from God Himself.  Oh, how I need His forgiveness and grace each day, and the discipline to tune my heart to Him alone.


Saying a prayer today, for all Christian mothers~
May God bless you and keep you and give you wisdom for the task, dear sisters!  Never doubt His love and care for you as you raise the little ones He has given to you, as precious gifts.



0 thoughts on “the best example of motherhood is God Himself

  1. Happy Mother’s Day, Shanda!  I pray that your day is filled with sweet times with your children.  I love the thoughts you shared about motherhood- very timely for me.  Love you!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day!! Your blog today goes right along with the sermon we heard at church this morning. We are the fruitful vine if we abide by the Word of God(Psalm 128:3). Being a mother is such a blessing, I hope you have a wonderful day with your family. Love, Melissa

  3. One of the best mother’s day message I have heard! What a beautiful post dear.Happy Mother’s Day to a very special mother!{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}

  4. Thanks, friend!!  Great words for today.  I need reminded that God is better than any parenting book or counselor!!  He made us…who better knows us and our tasks.

  5. the title of the sermon at church today was very similar to your title here – it’s neat to see the Lord driving a point home in more ways than one. hope your day was a sweet one. ❤

  6. Very wise and wonderful post today – Happy Mother’s Day, Shanda! God bless you as you tend His lambs for Him!”Peter, do you love Me? … then tend My sheep … feed my lambs …”

  7. Happy Mother’s Day! Sarah Joy will be here SOON. Oh, I need His grace for my children–my tone is often so demanding and bossy and not kind and loving. I pray I can become a more godly mother, and that my children will forget all the horrible responses I’ve had!!!

  8. Happy Mother’s Day to you dear Shanda! The words of your post are so great. I had so many times in Mothering that I was asking God for help, and not let me mess up or forget something. It is so so good to know He is the one leading us and our children, and His desire is for us as Mother’s to be in Him.

  9. So very true! I know my children would be totally different if it was not for God’s direction and wisdom. He makes life worth it, and He is so faithful to give His counsel. I want to be His reflection!

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